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How to plant a box hedge

How to plant a rockin' window box

I'm a bit obsessed with window boxes these days. I think they are so charming and can cure a multitude of house exterior sins. If I were selling a house, I think a window box would be right up there on the must-do list for curb appeal.

So, you might wonder, why am I just now putting a window box on my own house? I'll be honest, I never even thought of it before. But then I was studying this drawing of the house (showing an exterior elevation of the house for some work we hope to do later in summer) and I was incredibly bothered by the fact that one of the windows is shorter than the others. It's the kitchen window behind the sink, so it makes sense that it's not as tall as the others, but from the outside it just looks wrong. Perfect spot for a window box! Once it's installed and planted, I don't think you'll notice the shortness of it nearly as much. Plus, our house's all-white exterior is a bit, um, boring, so a little color would go a long way.

I love looking for container inspiration, so I've been enjoying my hunt for great window box ideas. And even though I've never planted a window box, I

know what I like and I can definitely tell what's not quite right, just from studying photos of them. So here are a few design concepts to keep in mind if you're going to be planting a window box.

1. The more window boxes you have, the simpler the design should be. Window boxes are great but they are, as Tim Gunn would say, "a lot of look." If there are too many colors or textures going on, your house is going to look like the little shop of horrors. Keep your plant choices to one, maybe two or three at an absolute maximum (and then only if they relate closely to each other, such as a light pink and a dark pink petunia) and then plant every box the same. I know it's hard to pick just a few plants when there are so many great ones around, but pick one or two this year then do something totally different next year. Just don't do it all at the same time.

2. The higher your window boxes are, the simpler, and "bigger" the look should be. Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost' is a great container plant, but its fine texture will be completely lost in a window box mounted 15 feet in the air. Better to stick with a big, bold petunia or geranium.

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