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“If you are looking for a girls night out and you are over 25 this would be my reccomendation!!” in 2 reviews

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This club is at its best on Sunday. The crowd generally shows up around midnight. The music is top 40 hip hop, and the drinks are yours average downtown club not worth it price but if you're nice to the bartenders they'll give make it a bit stronger. The dress code, at least for Sunday's, is still strict for guys but not girls. Sometimes the music gets techno and that kind of brings down the mood. Also sometimes the girls that give the tickets at the entrance are super rude and the bouncers try to hard to be extra macho with some of the guys. Like we get it, you have muscles. Great place to go with friends. There's also enough space that you won't be groped and if you are the bouncers are quick to intervene, so yes the muscles come in handy.

The Boston club scene is hit or miss to say the least. If you're not 21, wearing a bandage dress (ladies) or a fan of gropey strangers, you may be in for a disappointment in your quest to carefree-ly dance the night away.

Nestled in the Theater District among several other high profile and high cover clubs (Royale, Bijou, Tunnel and Emerald are all literally on the same block), I recently went to Cure twice to see what it had to offer and was pleasantly surprised both times.

The interior is the perfect size: smaller than a mega-club like Royale, but

with a large dance floor and plenty of good service behind the bar. VIP area is slightly out of the way, so if you have a table to can watch the dance floor but they're not on top of you. Decor is upscale trendy without being tacky or cheesy.

Service: Very nice! The bartenders are attentive and friendly, however in my experience their mixed drinks were weak, and at $12/each, I'd recommend sticking to shots so you can see where you're money's being poured. Cover is $25, OR you can sign up on the list (Eventbrite page on their website) and be free before 11:30 (ladies) or $15 reduced admission (gentlemen), on Saturdays at least.

Crowd & Music: Ahh, the most important part and arguably why you're even reading this review. Both of my visits were on Saturday night and the crowd was as follows: 60%/40% women to men, slightly older (27 would be median age, with more older guys than older women), lots of bachelorette/birthday parties of girls and slightly foreign clientele. Not as many Jersey Shore style bros as one would expect at a club (yay!). The music was good both times, with the DJ playing top hits, a few throwbacks and a lot of Pitbull for some reason (I'm not complaining. who *honestly* doesn't love Mr. 305?). The best part -- people danced! Case closed, in my book. I've heard Sunday is Cure's best night, but you'll have to see for yourself.

Verdict: YAY music, boo expensive, weak drinks (pregame that ish), good location and a crowd that's not too cool to dance. 4 stars until I start to see otherwise.

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