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How to plant hedging

how to plant hedging

PLANTING A NEW HEDGE Click here for a guide on planting a new hedge, together with pictures of new hedges. More information can also be found in the plant guide section.

AVAILABILITY We can only sell bare-rooted plants (listed Sd, Br or Tr - see Key ) when they are dormant (depending on the weather this is normally between November and late March). We don't charge your credit card for goods until they are about to be despatched.

Pot grown and cell grown plants are usually available all year round.

To check on availability please click on "check availability" above prices.

HARDINESS In very severe winter conditions Berberis Darwinii, Escallonia, Common Laurel, Lonicera, Pyracantha, Rosemary and Viburnum Tinus can suffer from die back even when established, but they will recover and the dead wood will need removing. All plants, especially when young, can suffer from severe weather conditions but those already mentioned and Elaeagnus, Holly, Lavender, Nothofagus, Osmanthus, Photinia, Santolina and Scots Pine do need extra protection against the cold. Wind is particularly damaging when the ground is frozen and there is no protective snow cover.

POSITION All plants listed will grow in a sunny or partially shady position but those which will grow well under other conditions are noted.

SOIL Unless otherwise stated the plants listed will all grow in any reasonable soil.

SIZE Trees and

conifers - the approximate height and spread in 20 years and the ultimate height. Shrubs - the approximate height and spread in 20 years. Hedges - the range of heights we recommend.

SIZES OFFERED The size we offer for the plants is the height when despatched. As they are young some will not be very bushy yet, especially the 4-5ft (120 - 150cm) trees. However, with correct planting and pruning they will quickly develop into sturdy plants. Planting and pruning instructions will be sent with the plants.

HEDGE PLANTING DISTANCE The recommended planting distance is shown, to calculate the number of plants required for a certain distance click on "How Many" above the "Buy" button. This will calculate the number of plants required and show the price for each size available.

TRANSPLANTED A plant, when transplanted, has been lifted from the ground and replanted. In doing so the root structure is broken, which encourages a better fibrous root system and makes the plant stronger and bushier.

POISONOUS PLANTS We regret we cannot give specific advice on the toxicity of plants to animals as there are too many different factors involved.

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