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How to play swap card game

how to play swap card game

Poker Strategy

The goal of this site is to help serious poker players willing to study and apply strategic concepts to: Play Winning Poker.

When put online in 2000, the Winners Guide to Online Poker was the first detailed resource addressing how to win playing poker online, with its many differences from casino games. Today there are many sites claiming to offer online strategy tips, but only a few deliver. Poker strategy is not just repeating rules or writing about simplistic, tactical moves. Strategy is an approach to the game. Strategy involves mastering scores of unseen things that have nothing to do with the cards.

But why believe what is written here rather than what some nut might babble on a street corner? Good question. Most of this site was written by Steve Badger. Badger played tournaments, casino and online poker professionally for over fifteen years. In 1999 he won a World Series of Poker event and has wins from the California State Poker Championship, Los Angeles Poker Classic, Gold

Coast Open, National Championship of Poker, Legends of Poker and others. He also wrote a strategy column for Card Player Magazine and has been featured in mainstream media articles about the poker industry. Other contributing writers include Jesse Knight and Chuck Thompson .

But this is not a personality site. It's about strategy, and none of that resume stuff guarantees anything anyway! Keep in mind this site's principal lesson: if you want to be a winning player, you need to think and decide for yourself. Creative, logical, situational thinking is key to winning at poker. Even more, it is the key to winning big at the game.

The site includes 200 poker strategy articles in the linked topical sections covering real-world and online topics like poker tells (including online tells ), starting hands and free poker online. as well as issues like cheating .

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