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How to port forward on belkin

how to port forward on belkin

(Adapted from a response I wrote at, offered here as a general "how to" for anyone who needs it)

slingbox uses Port 5001 as its default.  This is fine under normal conditions, but you can easily change it.  Reasons that you might want to do this include:

- You have more than one slingbox on your LAN and would like all of them to be viewable over the internet.

- The remote network you want to watch from blocks 5001.  Like at work.

- You just feel like it.

There's one condition, one assumption and two changes required to make this happen.

Condition: You need a clear path from the remote network to your home.

That means your remote network and home ISP need to allow traffic on the new port in both directions.  You can control and configure your computer, router and slingbox to "clear the path" since it's your stuff.  You likely don't have control over what the remote net and your ISP are doing, so that part needs to be clear on it's own or this won't work.

If you're interested in checking what your ports look like from the outside, try the ShieldsUP! service at .

Here's a link to the definition and checker page for port 5001:

They have a great port use reference guide as well as some excellent port scanning tools.  It's a very handy place, consider bookmarking it if you visit.

Assumption: Your slingbox is already set up and working at home .

I'm only covering how to change your port in this post. 

Change #1: Tell your slingbox to move from Port 5001 to the new port

You can manually change your port using the setup assistant in SlingPlayer.

These directions are for the Mac OS X version of SlingPlayer.  Specifically, v1.0.10.272.  If you run Windows, your version of SlingPlayer will be similar.

In SlingPlayer, go to Window >  slingbox Directory. select your slingbox then choose Edit .  Next,

choose Configuration  and then Change Network Settings .  This will start the network assistant, and you'll need your admin password.  One of the first questions will ask if you want to set up remote viewing.  Choose yes and proceed.  When you get to the router configuration screen, choose Manual (Advanced).  Here's a screen shot:

Next you'll get a screen where you can enter the slingbox IP, Subnet and Router IP.  If you have previously set up your slingbox and it's working, this information should already be entered and no changes are required.  Make note of the IP Address,  you may need it in a few minutes. Once you have written it down, just click Continue  to proceed.  Please note, the IP addresses and subnet you see in the screenshot are examples only. you should not need to change your entries.

Finish up and accept the changes.  That's it for Change #1.

Change #2: Adjust your router's port forwarding rules

No fancy screenshots this time, sorry.

Log into your router, find the port forwarding tab, and look for the slingbox rule for 5001.  Change that to your new port.  If your router has options for external and internal ports, both should be set for the new port.

If you have not previously created a port forwarding rule. make a new one now.  The idea is to send traffic on the new port to your slingbox IP address.  That's why I suggested writing it down earlier.   If you have to choose between TCP, UDP or BOTH, go with BOTH.

Save the changes and that's it.

Your slingbox is now parked on the port you like and if the end-to-end path is clear like I mentioned near the top, you should be able to watch TV at the remote location now. 

If your Players are using SlingID to find your slingbox. the changes will get automatically updated quickly and the SlingID will start pointing to the correct place.  If any of your Players are manually configured, you'll need to adjust them for the new port.

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