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How to port forward verizon

how to port forward verizon

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It's a bit more than a quick command, this link has a pretty good breakdown of it

1. First things first, you will need to know what port you want to forward, and where you want to forward it, for this example We will assume I've got a server at and It's a mail server so I want to Forward all   TCP   Port 80 traffic ( HTTP ) to it. connect to the Firewall via Console/Telnet or   SSH.

Petes-ASA(config)#  object network Internal_Web_Server

Petes-ASA(config-network-object)#  host

5. Then create a NAT translation for the port to be forwarded. then you can exit the network object prompt.

Petes-ASA(config-network-object)#  nat (inside,outside) static interface service tcp http http

Petes-ASA(config-network-object)#  exit

6. Now you need to allow the http traffic in. Before you can

add an ACL  you need to see if you already have one. We are applying an ACL  to the outside interface for traffic going in (I call this inbound for obvious reasons). To see if you already have an ACL  applied, issue the following command;

Petes-ASA#  show run access-group

access-group  inbound in interface outside

access-group  outbound in interface inside

Note. In the example above we have an ACL  called inbound  that we MUST  use. (If you added a new one, all the access list entries for the old one get 'Un-applied'). If yours has a different name (e.g. outside_access_in then use that instead of the ACL name I’m using here). If you DONT  have an access-group entry for inbound traffic then we will do that at the end!

7. Then: Only carry out the following command if you DO NOT HAVE an ACL  applied for incoming traffic.

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