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Better than bouillon where to buy

better than bouillon where to buy

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Enter the spacephone

Samsung launching two phones at once, especially at MWC 2015. is an odd choice.

This is mostly because the brand needs to make a big splash with the Galaxy S6, in a bid to convince the world it's still got a phone that people should buy.

So why bother confusing people with another phone, the Galaxy S6 Edge, with its dual-curved display but otherwise similar specs? Simple answer: because it's a much better phone.

Let us tell you why you should fork out the extra cash to pick up the double-edged phone if you've decided to go Samsung this year.

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1. It looks like a spacephone

Phones have really got to the point of not really needing much more power. Do we really need an octa-core processor? Do we all really do that much video editing on a smartphone?

So with that in mind, design is key, and the S6 Edge is a phone that will wow when you pull it out in the pub. It's a phone from the future that has all the specs you'd want.

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2. A true edge to edge display

The amount of times I've discussed a phone's bezels is both dizzying and boring. The Galaxy S6 Edge is a great phone as it has an almost 'infinity pool' look as the edges fall away from each side.

This phone essentially has no bezels, and it looks really awesome as a result.

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3. Bigger battery

Right, I know it's not much, given the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge only has a 2600mAh battery compared to the 2550mAh option on the regular S6, but that little bit extra is worth it.

I'm assuming the curved screen might take a little more power thanks to the extra processing and inputs from the edge, but given the S6 is already likely to be less impressive on battery drain than last year, I'd take any upgrade I could get.

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4. Clever notifications

When you've got a new design to play with, the important thing to do is actually make it a little different.

And with the S6 Edge you get to assign a colour to your favourite contacts, so when the phone is flipped over the screen will glow to let you know who's calling, spilling a light across the table top to tell you your partner is after you, or your boss is desperately trying to get hold of that report.

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5. Easy access to favourites

Your favourite people are there when you need them on most phones - but you need to hunt around to get to their contact information.

On the Galaxy S6 Edge you can simply swipe from the right anywhere in the phone to find the people that matter (and change the colour that appears when they ring too) as well as getting updates on when you've missed a call or notification from them.

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6. Quick notifications

Samsung's done something clever with the new notifications menu on the phone, which should be ported across from the Note Edge.

This is clever in that it brings the notifications bar from the top of the phone to the side (although the standard Android shade will still remain) - this means you can see message previews and change music tracks on the fly without having to leave the main app.

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7. It's thicker

The Galaxy S6 is a really well-designed phone in a number of ways, but it's a little on the thin side. The Galaxy S6 Edge is a tiny bit thicker thanks to having a slightly bigger battery, and as such it's a little easier to hold.

We're talking 0.2mm, so not really noticeable in most situations, but it does feel nicer in the hand. The extra depth does point to something: the S6 range could have been made a little thicker to accommodate a bigger battery.

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8. The colours are better

The Galaxy S6 Edge has a range of colours, just like the S6. And both have the same pearlescent glow that changes subtly when the light hits it, giving a translucent, bejewelled effect that helps to improve the premium finish.

The colours on the S6 Edge are a little more alluring than on the S6, with the green in particular looking better on the Edge - it's the sort of gemstone appearance that can make all the difference for the phone buyer.

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9. You're at the start of the future

There's a quiet glory to being an early adopter. It's that feeling that, when something spreads and becomes the norm, you feel like you were there at the start, one of those that helped start the trend.

It's like having one of the massive MP3 players before the iPod, or picking up an Atari and making the home into a gaming arena. It shows you were smart and knew when the fashions were coming. and there's a lot to be gained from being early in a trend as it helps you work out how it fits into your life.

That's assuming the curved screen does become a thing. it might go the way of 3D TV. But still.

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10. It's a spacephone

Screw the fact that curved screens might not take off. Screw the fact this is the second time this point is in the list. There are so many phones that are the same out there that something a little bit different needs to be properly applauded.

It's like virtual reality - yes, it doesn't really make a lot of sense right now, it's expensive and there's not a lot of content for it. But it's awesome.

And there's no REAL reason for a curved phone just yet, other than it looks really cool. If your mate gets an S6 and is showing it off and you have the S6 Edge. there's no doubt who the winner will be. The spacephone.

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