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How to remove a Vauxhall Z22YH high pressure fuel pump

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1) Remove the engine 'Beauty' cover by simply pulling upwards releasing the three push on mounts.

2) locate the high pressure pump on the right hand side (looking from the front) of the cam cover. The pump is driven off the end of the inlet camshaft.

3) locate the low pressure inlet pipe (still quite high pressure so use care) and remove the schrader valve cap from the inlet fitting, which looks like a large tyre valve cap (Marked 1 on picture).

4) Using a suitable rag to catch the fuel released from the valve, push the valve core in with a thin screwdriver with the rag wrapped around the valve.

5) Once fuel stops being released put the cap back on the valve and using two very thin screwdrivers slide the screwdriver tips down the metal tube into the low pressure hose connector (marked 2 on picture) so that the screwdrivers slip under the blue 'tangs' holding the connector onto the inlet pipe. Gently pull the hose and connector off the pipe, catching any spilled fuel in a suitable container (approx 50ml will dribble out)

6) Using a 17mm open ended spanner release the high pressure nut (marked 3 on picture) holding the metal high pressure pipe to the pump. WARNING- This is at high pressure and will spray a long distance. You don't

want this in your face so be sure to wrap a substantial amount of rag around the fitting before cracking the nut loose.

7) remove the high pressure pipe (you will have to slightly loosen the other end where it connects to the fuel rail to be able to move it out of the way) and cap the end of the pipe with a clean rubber glove end taped onto the pipe. Do the same with the pump end, and also both ends of the low pressure inlet. It is important that NO DIRT WHATSOEVER gets into the pump or fuel lines.

8) Using an E10 Torx socket (if you have one) or carefully using a small metric socket, remove the three bolts holding the pump onto the cylinder head. Some oil will come out under the pump where it fits into the head, so stuff some rags underneath.

9) Pull the pump off the head and recover the thick rubber gasket. Drain as much of the fuel as possible by tipping the pump upside down with the fuel ports lowermost and shaking the fuel out. Ensure as much fuel as possible is removed before posting and cap the fuel ports so no fuel can leak out.

Congratulations! You now have removed the fuel pump. All that's left is to securely box it up and send it to me for repair.

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