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How to Buy a Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer

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These days, gardening power tools come in all shapes and sizes, all designed with the common goal in mind of reducing the amount of time and labour that is normally required for the more physically demanding gardening chores. Hedge trimmers are one such power tool, and one particular type of hedge trimmer that is a highly popular choice for garden owners is the 'corded electric' hedge trimmer.

About Corded Electric Hedge Trimmers

Corded electric hedge trimmers are hand-held hedge trimming power tools that are powered by mains electricity. This is delivered to the trimmer via an integral power cord connected to the house mains electricity power supply. The advantage of this type of hedge trimmer over other types is obvious. They have direct access to a continuous supply of power that never runs out. This is a definite advantage over cordless hedge trimmers, which need to be refueled - in the case of petrol-driven hedge trimmers - or recharged - in the the case of battery-powered hedge trimmers.


When buying a corded electric hedge trimmer, it's necessary to choose one that is capable of handling the tasks intended for it. Factors to consider are the size, height, density, and location of the hedges to be trimmed.

Hedge Location

If the hedge is far from the house, as is often the case in larger gardens, the attached cord may not be long enough. In that case, an extension cable will be required too. There is a limit to the practicality of this solution, however. In a very large garden, the hedge may be located so far from the house supply that the extra-long extension cable required will become more of a hindrance than a help, as it may very easily restrict free movement. In this case, a cordless trimmer may be more practical. However, for the vast majority of garden owners, the supplied cable, with extension if necessary, will provide access to the farthest reaches of most gardens.

Hedge Size and Density

Larger and thicker hedges need more powerful hedge trimmers with longer blades in order to tackle the job of trimming them efficiently. Blade lengths of over 45 centimetres are recommended for larger hedges. Power ratings in excess of 500 watts should suffice for most thick and dense hedges.

Hedge Height

Tall hedges can be a problem to trim while standing on the ground. However, some trimmers have blades that can be swivelled so they may be angled at 90 degrees to the unit. This enables the user to reach up and trim the hedge top even without seeing it making this a far safer option than climbing a ladder.

Safety Features and Accessories

Corded Electric Hedge Trimmers are designed to comply with high standards of safety. Manufacturer's operating instructions are clear

about how they should be used and the following safety features may be supplied with the hedge trimmer as part of the hedge trimmer or can be purchased as optional extras.

Residual Current Device

Mains electricity is a potentially lethal form of power. Inadvertently cutting the cord with the cutter blades could result in a severe electric shock, so it's worth buying a 'residual current device' (RCD) and attaching it to the power feed. This simple precaution virtually eliminates the possibility of serious electric shock. Better still, of course, is to avoid cutting the cord in the first place. Anyone using a corded electric trimmer should always be mindful of where the cord is at all times and ensure it is kept well clear of the cutting blades.

Integral Braking Mechanism

Sometimes hedge cuttings become lodged within the the blades. It's a simple matter to remove them manually, but it's essential that the blades have come to a complete stop first. The best trimmers have a braking mechanism to ensure that the blades stop moving as soon as the hedge trimmer is switched off.

Protective Wear

Flying debris in the form of loose hedge cuttings will be ejected as a normal part of the trimming operation. While these are mostly harmless, manufacturers usually recommend wearing safety gloves and goggles just to be on the safe side.

Where to Buy Corded Electric Hedge Trimmers

Corded electric Hedge trimmers can be bought from gardening centres, DIY shops, and other High Street retailers that deal in power tools. They can also be purchased from a variety of online sources. One of the most popular sources for buying corded electric hedge trimmers is eBay. Specifically, is the popular choice for potential customers based in the UK. This is because most UK-based potential customers prefer to buy a hedge trimmer (or any power tool for that matter) from a seller who is also based in the UK. It ensures faster delivery time, facilitates communication between both parties and ensures the trimmer will be suitable for UK mains voltage.

How to Find a Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer on eBay

To find a suitable electric corded hedge trimmer on eBay, all that's required is to use the search function on eBay's homepage. Entering the search term 'electric corded hedge trimmer &' into the search box returns a list of that type of hedge trimmer. Most of these will be listed within eBay's 'Garden & Patio &' section. Depending on how many there are available at any particular time and on how their sellers have chosen to list them, these will be grouped according to their various features. eBay provides check-boxes at the left-hand side of the main listings to enable easy filtering of those that may be unsuitable. These filtering options include the following:

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