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1.32 FAQ-148 How do I insert Greek symbols and other special characters in a graph label?

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Last Update: 2/4/2015

There are several solutions in Origin that you can insert Greek letters and other special characters (like superscript, subscript, special symbols and unicode) to a graph label:

  • Use the Format toolbar directly

To insert Greek letters, superscript or subscript, you can highlight the text in the text label object and select the corresponding buttons in the Format toolbar to change them into Greek letters, superscript, or subscript.

  • Use Escape Sequence

Some of the special symbols can be inserted by entering its escape sequence in its Properties dialog. (Right click on the text object and select Properties to open)

  • Use the Symbol Map

The symbol map is available by right-clicking while in-place editing- to add special characters to your text labels.

  1. Double-click on the text label to enter in-place editing mode. The I-beam (blinking insertion cursor) appears at the position in the text.
  2. Right-click and choose Symbol Map from the context menu. Alternatively, use the Ctrl + M hotkey.
  3. In the Symbol Map dialog, select a font from the Font list, and double-click the character(s) you want to insert, or you can use the Insert

    button to insert selected character.

  • Unicode Support in the Symbol Map

Unicode text/symbols in Origin is actually stored in an expression like \(x. ). in which . should be the Unicode for a special character.

For example, to insert the h-bar symbol (an indication of reduced Planck's Constant):

So after you inserted the h-bar symbol, right click on the text object and choose Properties to open the Properties dialog, you will see that the expression is \f:Lucida Sans Unicode(\(x210F)). in which \(x210F) is an indication of Unicode character of 210f.

The h-bar symbol with Lucida Sans font may not be available in some MS Windows applications, but we could use the Unicode character called H WITH STROKE, LATIN SMALL LETTER with Unicode 0127 (hex) as a close substitution.

Most mathematical symbols, Greek characters, and arrows are in the Symbol font. For other characters such as Angstrom, Umlauts, Euro, and Permille they can be found in the regular ASCII font such as Arial or Times New Roman. Some symbols such as Plus, Minus, and Degree can be found both in Symbol and Regular ASCII font table. Note that you can find Origin's plotting symbols in the font "Origin ".

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