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How to Remove an Apple ID Lock from an iPhone 5

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Whether you purchased a used phone from a friend or whether you simply forgot your Apple ID, having a locked phone can be an annoyance. For those times when you do not understand how to unlock your device, your iPhone 5 is pretty much useless, but with just a bit of instruction, unlocking your Apple ID can be a breeze and you can be back to enjoying your Apple device in no time. When it comes to Apple products, the listings on eBay are chock full of these popular electronics. though you can also find iPhones at any cellular franchise shop as well.

1 - Removing an Apple ID From an Erased iPhone 5

As you probably already know, even an erased iPhone 5 can still contain a link to the previous owner's Apple ID, and you should receive a prompt to enter the corresponding ID and password during the device setup and activation process. This is an easy problem to overcome when the previous owner is with you, as he or she can simply enter the necessary information to remove the device from his or her account. After that, you can proceed with setting up your own Apple ID and password.

In many cases, however, it is probably more likely that the previous owner is not around, so you can instead contact that person and ask him or her to follow a few simple instructions. First, the previous owner needs to sign into his or her iCloud account by visiting Upon arriving on the site, the previous owner should click on All Devices to open any devices linked to that account. At this point, he or she should select the Remove Device feature. After completing this, the word "Offline" should appear in a gray box next to the device. Lastly,

the previous owner should click on "Remove from Account" to remove your iPhone 5 from his or her Apple account.

In situations where your iPhone 5 has not been erased, you should still be able to access the Home and Lock screen without an issue. If the previous owner of the device is with you, you can ask him or her to erase all apps, features, and content by selecting Settings, then General, then Reset, and then Erase All Content and Settings. At this point, the previous owner needs to enter his or her Apple ID and password to complete the deletion process. After entering the corresponding Apple ID, you can continue with the setup procedure.

When the previous owner is not with you, you should make sure that you power the device on and that it connects to reliable Wi-Fi connections or cellular data outlet. Next, contact the previous owner and ask that person to visit Once there, he or she should click on All Devices to open any devices linked to their account. Upon arriving on the site, the former owner should see and select an Erase button, as doing so erases all content and saved settings from the iPhone. At this point, a prompt should appear that asks him or her to enter a phone number. The previous owner should not do this, but should instead click Next until the phone is in a completely wiped-out state. Once the erase is complete, the previous owner should click on "Remove from Account." Lastly, after erasing the device, you should power it down by pressing the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the phone. When the device restarts, you can then proceed as you normally would with setting up your own Apple ID.

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