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How to Buy Car Rubbing Strips on eBay

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Rubbing strips are exterior auto accessories placed along the doors and bumpers of cars to protect the body from damage, such as chips, scratches, and dents. There are also rubbing strips designed to surround the various lights on a vehicle’s exterior. They are sometimes referred to as bumper impact strips, bumper splitters. or mouldings. Rubbing strips have shown up intermittently on production cars around the world for decades. They come standard on certain models of vehicles, and as an option on many others. However, most automobiles today have no factory option for them.

There are plenty of aftermarket rubbing strips available to purchase, and eBay offers a vast selection for almost any vehicle. Car owners in the market for rubbing strips should familiarise themselves with the uses and application methods of various types of strips before heading to eBay to make a purchase. Also, an overview of related products needed to install new strips or remove old ones is helpful. Knowledge of eBay's search functions and other key functions makes the buying process smoother and easier.

Learn the Basics of Car Rubbing Strips

The primary purpose of rubbing strips on cars is to prevent damage from swinging car doors, light poles, or shopping trolleys in parking lots. Applying or replacing car rubbing strips is a straightforward process that can be accomplished in a single day. Removing old rubbing strips requires a bit of effort but, with the right technique, it is a simple process. Buyers can find rubbing strips, adhesives, and other supplies necessary for installation and removal on eBay.

Uses of Car Rubbing Strips

Installing car rubbing strips on a vehicle saves owners the expense of repairing any dings, chips, or scratches that would otherwise inevitably occur. Rubbing strips also add aesthetic appeal to most vehicles, as long as they fit well and are installed properly. Rubbing strips are even used on marine vehicles. Many boaters use rubber strips to protect the sides of their boats from damage when they bump into other boats or against docks.

How to Install Car Rubbing Strips

The process of putting on new rubbing strips depends on whether the strips are being put on for the first time, and the type of rubbing strip used. Any installation should begin with a clean, dry surface. Remove all dirt, debris, and moisture from the body of the car to ensure proper adhesion. Use a measuring stick and a level to mark out the line along which the strip is to be placed. Take time to ensure the strip is level prior to installation; this eliminates the frustration of trying to reposition the strip after it is already well stuck to the vehicle.

For self-adhesive stripping, pull the plastic backing off about a foot at a time, and simultaneously place the strip along the car’s surface. Do not press down firmly on the strip yet. This allows the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments. Once the entire strip is properly placed, apply pressure along it to ensure it adheres solidly. Be sure to consult the instructions for the type of rubbing being installed, and strictly follow any directions and warnings on adhesive products used.

How to Remove Car Rubbing Strips

Replacing existing rubbing strips on a vehicle is a bit more complicated. Before fresh rubbing can be put on, the old ones need to be removed. Although removal does not require much technical expertise, the process is time consuming and labour intensive.

First, remove the old stripping. Many people use a strong fishing line to cut the strip from the body of the vehicle rather than pulling it by hand. This works for both metal and rubber stripping. To do this, take a generous length of the wire and wrap each end around some objects that can be gripped like handles. Work the wire underneath the stripping and pull it along until the bulk of the stip has come apart from the car.

An alternative is to wear heavy gloves and wrap the wire around the hands. Remove as much of the strip as possible. There may be bits of rubbing left behind. Use a hairdryer or heat gun to heat up and remove the remaining rubbing and any adhesive material. Grease remover works well to buff away anything that remains. The buffing can be done by hand with a cloth, but a buffing wheel does the job faster and easier. Rub with denatured alcohol as a final step to get rid of any last bits of old adhesive or rubbing.

Find the Right Type of Car Rubbing Strips

Car rubbing strips are sold according to their placement on the vehicle. They can also be listed by the make, model, and year of the car they were designed to fit. Car rubbing strips are made from a variety of materials, and many shoppers prefer one type over another. Shoppers can choose from several options when purchasing car rubbing strips on eBay.

Choose Strips by Placement on Vehicle

Car rubbing strips are designed according to their intended placement on a vehicle. Strips are made to fit either the left or right side of a vehicle, as well as to fit the front or rear. New car rubbing strips are often sold as complete sets. Owners who need to replace a missing section of rubbing strip can purchase single strips through eBay. Many times

these single sections are available used. which means cost savings for the buyer.

Purchase Rubbing Strips Made from Rubber

Rubber protective strips are flexible and fairly inexpensive. Typically they are black in colour, but some are painted to match or complement the paint on a car. Rubber stripping does not scratch or dent like metal stripping, but due to exposure, the rubber fades and weakens over time.

Select Metal Rubbing Strips

Metal strips are treated with a scratch-resistant finish and work in the same way that rubber strips do. They are rigid and, therefore, a bit more difficult to ship and install than rubber varieties. This kind of stripping is often coated in chrome, which many consumers appreciate for its aesthetic appeal.

Consider Magnetic Rubbing Strips

Magnetic rubbing strips are easily attached to any vehicle. Magnetic strips offer consumers the same benefits as other kinds of stripping, but without the hassle of adhesives. Their magnetic characteristics make them much simpler to apply and remove.

Buy Accessories for Car Rubbing Strip Application and Removal

When removing or installing rubbing strips, some additional products are often necessary in order to complete the job. Buyers can find many of these products on eBay while shopping for new strips. Adhesives, cut and polish, grease remover, heat guns, and buffing wheels are a few of the items commonly used to apply or remove rubbing strips.

Adhesives and Sealants

Some people use automotive adhesive tape to install rubbing strips, or to hold it in place until a more substantial adhesive can be placed on it. In addition to tape, there are other adhesive products used to secure rubbing strips in place. Make sure the product chosen is suitable for auto body application.

Especially with metal stripping, it is difficult to achieve a flush edge between the strip and the car body. If this occurs, it is advisable to fill in the gap with some type of auto body sealant since dirt and moisture can infiltrate and damage the body of the car. Car body fillers and sealers ensure a solid, watertight seal between the automobile’s exterior and the rubbing.

Cut and Polish

Cut and polish. rubbing compound, and polishing paste are all names for compounds used to remove grime, grease, and other stuck-on debris from the exterior surface of an automobile. These compounds are also useful for removing surface scratches. Cut and polish cuts through a very thin layer of the car’s paint to reveal a new finish underneath.

Grease Remover

When taking off old rubbing strips, it may be necessary to use an automotive grade grease remover to remove any residue left behind. These products are made to dissolve oil and grease without harming the car’s paint.

Heat Gun

Heat guns are used in both the installation and removal of car rubbing strips. Heat guns produce a concentrated stream of hot air that can be applied to old rubbing strips in order to help release the adhesive bond. This can help make removal much easier.

Buffing Wheel

A buffing wheel is a motorised apparatus with circular buffing tool attached. A buffing wheel makes buffing faster and easier than when performed by hand. Auto body buffing tools are usually made of felt or some other strong, soft material.

Buy Car Rubbing Strips and Accessories on eBay

Buyers searching for car rubbing strips should look to eBay. eBay offers shoppers a wide variety of car rubbing strips available for purchase from a large number of sellers, each with a profile detailing their history on the site. Most items listed there have detailed descriptions, photos, and reviews from others who have purchased them.

Search for Car Rubbing Strips

Shoppers can find rubbing strips in a number of ways. The easiest way is through a simple search from the eBay Motors page. Simply type "bumpers and rubbing strips " into the search box to return results matching those terms. Searches for rubbing strips can be narrowed down by make, model, and year of car as well as by price, location, and condition.

eBay Shops

Buyers have the option to browse items in any of the eBay Shops. An eBay shop allows individual sellers to showcase all of their items in a central location, giving buyers easy access to a specific seller's products, policies, and selling history. Buyers can quickly identify eBay Shops by the red door icon next to a seller's user ID.


Car rubbing strips serve both practical and cosmetic purposes. Rubbing strips protect the body of a vehicle from minor scratches and dents. They add detail to the exterior of a vehicle. Rubbing strips are subject to regular wear and tear, as well as normal degradation from exposure to weather. They are easily damaged in automobile accidents and often need to be replaced. As useful as they are in preventing minor body damage, many new cars are manufactured without them.

When car rubbing strips need to be replaced or installed for the first time, owners can look to eBay for the right parts. Finding and purchasing the right rubbing strips on eBay is easy and convenient, especially if a buyer is equipped with some knowledge about protective rubbing, its uses, and the products needed to remove or install them. Learn the basics about car rubbing strips to ensure purchasing them on eBay is a successful venture.

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