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How to avoid the campervan scam


Want to buy a campervan

This guide is for information only, I do not sell campervans, I am not selling a campervan, I do not want to sell my campervan and I do not want to buy a campervan, this information is not for my benefit but for the benefit of anyone who is thinking of buying a campervan and is not aware of this scam.

ebay is a good place to buy a campervan as there is always a good selection to choose from, but please be aware that there are people out there who are only to willing to take your money off you so make sure you know who you are giving it to, try not to send money to people you don't know for a vehicle you have not seen.

This scam pops up in eBay motors as well as other publications on a regular basis so if you are thinking of buying a campervan, motor home, horsebox, trailer, car, motorbike, boat, farm or construction plant then please make sure you don‘t become a victim of this clever scam.

First of all if you see an advertisement for a vehicle you are interested in, usually an auction (quite often a one day auction) or a classified add with an attractive price that looks to good to miss out on, be suspicious of what you are bidding on and do a little research first.

After placing your bid or putting in an offer, even if you have not placed the winning bid, you have registered an interest in the vehicle so the seller will then try and encouraged you to contact them outside of eBay, where they will make you an offer that seems

to good to refuse, and if you agree they will give you details on how they want you to proceed with the purchase.

There is a good trick which will give you a clue to the sellers intentions, ask the seller if you can inspect the vehicle first and you will pay for the vehicle when you are ready to collect it, the seller at this point will come up with any number of excuses as to why that is not possible, usually they will say that the vehicle is either somewhere in Scotland or Southern Europe at the moment but you can either pay a large deposit into a “Secure PayPal Holding Account“, a “Special eBay Escrow Service” or by “Direct Bank Transfer” and the remainder when the vehicle is delivered to your home, or you can pay the full amount up front and collect the vehicle yourself.

At this point you should now be walking away from the transaction, this is not going to end well for a buyer if they continue.

Please remember that there is no eBay/PayPal buyer protection in eBay Motors, and there is certainly no such thing as a “Secure ebay or Paypal holding Account” or a “Special eBay Escrow service“, and as with a Direct Bank Transfer once any money has been paid into any of these accounts it has gone and won't be coming back, the vehicle will never appear, most of the time there is no vehicle at all or it was just a picture and item description lifted from someone else’s advert and placed onto some completely innocent ebayer’s account.

If you are suspicious of an add in eBay you can report it to eBay Customer Support

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