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How to report options on schedule d

how to report options on schedule d

WaPo Crossword Puzzle Creator Dies - 8/24 - Merl Reagle, who created the crossword puzzles published each week in Sunday's Washington Post Magazine and about 50 other newspapers, died August 22 in a hospital in Tampa. He was 65. He had entered the hospital Thursday after an attack of acute pancreatitis, according to

Support DCRTV As We Turn 18, $5K Goal - 8/24 -

We're hoping to raise $5,000 by September and need your help. (Thanks to recent donations by Wayne, James, John, Peter, and Ed we now need $4,416.) DCRTV is celebrating its 18th anniversary and we're offering a special incentive to make a donation - a year of local radio and TV memory packed DCRTV Plus for just $18. Or two years for $36 ($18 X 2). Or three years for $54 ($18 X 3). Extend or re-start your subscription. Via, you can send you contribution safely and conveniently to our address. Or, mail us a check. Make it payable to "Dave Hughes" and send it to: Dave Hughes, 1981-B Villaridge Drive, Reston VA 20191. DCRTV Plus is loaded with DC and Baltimore radio and TV memories, including pictures, jingles, audio and video clips, tribute pages, and more. Today's DCRTV Plus Flashback is a 1958 memory of Channel 9, then WTOP-TV (right). Plus, DCRTV Plus has just added its 136th Photo Gallery with memories of WTOP, WJZ, WOOK, WOL, WFBR, WCAO, WBAL, and more. DCRTV is an independent website that's been here almost 18 years thanks to donations from folks like you, which account for a large chunk of our operating revenue. Nobody else reports about what's happening on the news and gossip front and preserves the rich heritage of DC and Baltimore area radio, TV, and media like DCRTV does.

MPT To Air "Brookeville" Documentary - 8/22 - In August 1814, 4,000 British troops defeated a larger American force in Bladensburg, Maryland, and marched on the District Of Columbia. While the British set fire to the White House and other public buildings, refugees clogged the streets. President James Madison kept moving to avoid capture and eventually took shelter in the Quaker town of Brookeville, Maryland. "Brookeville: Capital For A Day," a one-hour production that explores this historic event, airs on Maryland Public Television on August 26 at 10 PM. The documentary is an independent production of Make Your Mark Media.

7 Reveals Hawksworth's Salary - 8/21 - Sinclair's Channel 7/WJLA will be paying new sports anchor Erin Hawksworth $125,000 per year. How do we know that? That's because WJLA News Director Mitch Jacob accidentally sent out the station's human resources statement complete with salary information in an email to the staff about her being hired. So reports

PBDC: Hawksworth Joins 7, Riggins To JFK, More - 8/20 - Erin Hawksworth leaves CNN to be a sports anchor at Channel 7/WJLA. John Riggins joins WJFK. Comcast SportsNet combines its DC and Baltimore websites. In this week's DC sports media column at

Bloomberg Planning DC Cuts - 8/20 - Bloomberg is planning to slim its ranks - with its DC staff particularly hard-hit. According to the New York Post. the financial media giant, which employs about 2,400 journalists across the globe, is planning to lay off about 100 employees, or about 4.2%, in its editorial division as soon as Labor Day. Many of the layoffs are expected to target politics and government reporters out of the DC and NYC bureaus, the Post adds.

O'Neal On Simpson's Return - 8/20 - "Donnie Simpson returns! Score one for old-school DC." Lonnae O'Neal on Simpson's return to DC radio, via afternoons on Majic 102.3, after leaving WPGC, 95.5, five years ago. At

SLR: Cooley, Simpson, Perkins, More - 8/20 - Does WTOP's Jim Battagliese really deserve all that praise, including a Washington Post write-up, for taking an hour and helping police direct traffic? Does Chris Cooley really want to leave ESPN 980 to return to the NFL - and is the Post's Sports Bog coordinating his campaign for a new radio contract? More on the El Zol mess with Don Omar. And more thoughts about Donnie Simpson's new gig with Majic 102.3 and his good old buddy Tony Perkins. The death of the DC area's "Batman." And more in the latest "Sadly Lacking Radio" podcast with DCRTV Dave and DC media guru Jonathan at

Centennial Picks Chris Martin For Winchester - 8/20 - Chris Martin is the new Winchester market manager for Centennial's radio cluster which includes WINC-FM, the hot adult contemporary outlet on 92.5 that's a regular performer in the DC radio ratings. He replaces Steve Davis, who headed up the Shenandoah Valley to head Saga's newly-purchased Harrisonburg radio cluster. Martin used to be eastern regional director for 18 markets of Radio Disney, and was a senior account executive for a decade at the CBS radio cluster in Charlotte.

DCRTV's Job Ads - 8/20 -

Alpha Media is looking for a market manager for its Fredericksburg radio cluster. WRNR-FM in Annapolis is looking for a traffic director in its business office. Those are the latest DCRTV Job Ads. where you can reach many thousands of local radio and TV movers and shakers for just $49.

Bettag To Be Merrill Fellow - 8/19 - Tom Bettag, best known as the executive producer for ABC News' "Nightline" with Ted Koppel, will be spending the 2015-2016 school year with the University Of Maryland's Merrill School Of Journalism as the Eleanor Merrill Distinguished Visiting Fellow. Bettag is the winner of 30 Emmy awards, two Peabody awards, six DuPont silver batons, and the Fred Friendly First Amendment Award. Among his professional experiences are 22 years with CBS News, followed by 15 years with ABC News. After that, he spent three years as executive producer for "Koppel On Discovery" and produced news documentaries and live town meetings for the Discovery Channel. He was executive producer of CNN's Sunday morning programming from 2009 to 2011. Bettag moved to NBC News in 2011 to work as a producer on "Rock Center" with Brian Williams for three years.

CSN Combines DC & Balto Sites - 8/19 - Comcast SportsNet combines the DC coverage of and the Baltimore coverage of with a new merged site - The Bethesda-based regional sports network is also launching a CSN Mid-Atlantic application for iOS and Android devices. "In addition to making it easier to access all of our great content, the integration allows us to create more material and broaden our reach by aligning our brands and consolidating our marketing and sales efforts," says CSN Mid-Atlantic President Rebecca Schulte. also now hosts the live-streaming player that provides authenticated subscribers access to CSN's live Wizards games. That content will continue to be available on mobile devices via NBC Sports Live Extra. Other features of the revamped website include live news conference streaming, real-time social media portals, and top national stories from

FCC Warns Balto Pirate - 8/19 - The Federal Communications Commission issued a warning letter to someone who is allegedly operating an unlicensed, pirate radio station on 93.5 FM in Baltimore's Manhattan Park Apartments. "On June 16, 2015 agents from [the FCC's Columbia MD] office confirmed by direction finding techniques that radio signals on frequency 93.5 MHz were emanating from your property at 5715 Park Heights Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland. The Commission's records show that no license was issued for operation of a broadcast station on 93.5 MHz at this location in Baltimore, Maryland," according to the July 29 warning letter, which is posted at

Jake West To Be WASH's PM Driver - 8/19 - Jake West has been named afternoon drive host at iHeartMedia's adult contemporary WASH, 97.1. Most recently, he's been hosting various dayparts on DC and Baltimore area iHeart stations, including WASH. West also spent time producing the Nashville-based syndicated "Bobby Bones Show," which is heard on iHeart country outlet WMZQ, 98.7. Prior to joining iHeart, he programmed radio stations in Michigan and Indiana.

Erin Hawksworth To 7 - 8/19 -

Just in. DCRTV hears that Erin Hawksworth (right) is the new sports anchor at Channel 7/WJLA. Replacing longtimer Tim Brant, who left DC's Sinclair-owned ABC affiliate back in May. Hawksworth is a Canadian anchor and reporter. She is currently working as a sports anchor for CNN in Atlanta. More soon.

980's Cooley Cools NFL Return Rumors - 8/19 - Chris Cooley, the former Redskins player who now co-hosts afternoons at WTEM, ESPN 980, which is owned by Redskins owner Dan Snyder, has been floating rumors that he might want to return to the NFL. Now he kind of shoots down those rumors, which were seen by many as a ploy to get a new radio contract. At

More Tech Cuts At NPR - 8/19 - More tech cuts at DC-based NPR. This time, its John Kean, the senior technologist at NPR Labs. Just the latest Labs cut, following the 2013 buyout of Mike Starling, NPR's longtime vice president of engineering and the 2014 departure of Labs director Rich Rarey. Plus, two more on the NPR engineering staff are gone in the latest batch of cuts, we hear.

WAMU Tops DC Radio Ratings - 8/18 - The DC market radio ratings for the "second week" of August. Full-day, age 12+: 1) WAMU, 2) WTOP, 3) WHUR, 4) WASH, 5) WIHT, 6) WBIG, 7) WMAL, 8) WPGC, 9) WMZQ and WMMJ, 11) WKYS, 12) WETA-FM and WIAD, 13) WWDC, 15) WPRS, 16) WGTS, 17) WRQX, 18) WJFK-FM, 19) WLZL, 20) WINC-FM, 21) WTEM, 22) WFRE, 23) WNEW, 24) WFLS and WAVA-FM, 26) WERQ and WDCN, 28) WIYY and WBQB and WFMD and WWEG.

Dave TV: Reviewing Donnie Simpson's Return - 8/18 -

I give Donnie Simpson a big fat "B-" for his debut afternoon show yesterday on WMMJ, Majic 102.3. He admitted to sounding nervous after five years off the radio, but things can only get better, I believe. I want to hear more Donnie and his guests, more music variety, and far less commercial clutter on WMMJ. Plus, better production values and improved imaging wouldn't hurt. In today's "Dave TV" at DCRTV's Dave TV page.

7 Bids Farewell To Classic News Set - 8/18 - From DCRTV's Tuesday Mailbag. "Initially designed in 1998, moved from Tilden Street studios to Rosslyn in 2002, ABC 7 [WJLA] will bid farewell to the set they have called home for so many years. Friday night at 11 will be the last broadcast. Newscasts will be delivered from the NewsChannel 8 studios until the new set is finished sometime in September".

WTOP Traffic News Head Really Directs Traffic - 8/18 -

Jim Battagliese (right), who heads the traffic and transit news department at Hubbard all-newser WTOP, has been praised by the US Park Police after he helped direct traffic at Connecticut Avenue at Tilden Street in northwest DC on August 4th. Police were investigating a shooting and had to close several streets. Two officers were unsuccessfully attempting to direct traffic when Battagliese arrived on the scene and donned a visibility glow vest. "For approximately one hour, Mr. Battagliese provided invaluable assistance with traffic control, effectively and professionally helping to alleviate the terrible traffic congestion," according to a Park Police letter to Joel Oxley, who heads Hubbard's DC radio cluster. "Without being asked and with no personal gain, Mr. Battagliese sacrificed his time to supporting the mission of the US Park Police in a time of need".

Debt-Ridden Cumulus Waits For WMAL Transmitter Site Payout - 8/18 -

According to Tom Taylor Now. Cumulus is waiting for its $75 million-plus check from residential developer Toll Brothers for the sale of news talker WMAL's AM 630 transmitter site (right) in North Bethesda. The developer "won't close its purchase of the site until it has made progress in the country’s approval process," so reports Bethesda magazine. Recently, Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey told his Q2 call that his Atlanta-based radio giant could eventually pocket as much as $85 million to $90 million from selling the 75-acre tract of land that houses the four towers of WMAL's AM signal. Most of WMAL's audience is assumed to be listening to the station's Northern Virginia-based FM service on 105.9, which was launched in 2012. Wall Street's expecting all of that money, plus $125 million from a similar sale at the site of LA's KABC-AM, to pay down Cumulus debt. Bethesda magazine says Toll Brothers could build as many as 330 homes on the site, and "hopes to submit its sketch plan in the next two months, with the preliminary plan submission coming in early 2016." The ultimate payoff depends on how many units Toll Brothers is allowed to build, explains Taylor. Cumulus will pay to disassemble the towers that've stood there for decades. Finding a new site for directional 630 AM, which is 10,000-watts daytime and 5,000-watts at night, is the dilemma for Cumulus. Adds Taylor, "It's likely they won't find a comparable site in the ultra-pricey DC corridor." Meanwhile, Cumulus stock bled another 5% yesterday to another six-year low. "CMLS" closed down seven cents to $1.28 a share.

John Lansing To Head BBG - 8/17 - As expected, John Lansing, former president and chief executive officer of Scripps Networks Interactive, has been appointed to the chief executive officer post at the Broadcasting Board Of Governors, which oversees the Voice Of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, the Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Radio Free Asia, and the Office Of Cuba Broadcasting. He starts next week. More at

Hicks Returns To Hubbard - 8/17 - Karen Hicks has decided to return to Hubbard Radio's DC radio cluster - all-newser WTOP and Federal News Radio WFED - as business manager. She'd been working for a while at CBS news talker WNEW. Hicks will be back in WTOP's Idaho Avenue office on Wednesday, August 19th.

Matt Jablow Seen On 7 - 8/17 - DCRTV hears that Matt Jablow began freelance reporting at Channel 7/WJLA this past weekend. He's still working full-time as the public relations director for a Maryland healthcare and health insurance firm. Jablow reported for Channel 9/WUSA from 2011 to 2013. Before that, he worked as a reporter for Channel 11/WBAL and as a spokesman for the Baltimore Police.

Simpson Talks About New MMJ Show With Perkins - 8/17 - DC radio great Donnie Simpson, who starts his new afternoon show today at Radio One's urban adult contemporary WMMJ, Majic 102.3, guests with DC media veteran and Channel 5/WTTG news anchor Tony Perkins via his MORE network podcast at They're joined by Angela Stribling, who has a new show on Howard University's adult urban contemporary WHUR, 96.3, and Channel 5/WTTG weekend morning news anchor Annie Yu, who recently appeared in the movie "Pixels".

Louis Cedrone Dies - 8/17 - Louis Cedrone, who was the film and theater critic for the old Baltimore Evening Sun, died August 13. "Lou was a great guy. I first met him during a Baltimore daily newspaper strike in the 1970s," a friend and colleague tells us. "During the strike, Lou went to work for Stromberg Publications which owned a chain of suburban weeklies surrounding Baltimore, including the Howard County Times and Towson Times. Lou was given a desk in the sports department where I worked (part-time during college) with Sport Editor Roger Marino." More at

Dish & Sinclair Do Temporary Deal - 8/17 - TV stations owned by Baltimore-based Sinclair will temporarily remain on Dish Network following an August 15th deadline. The two firms have signed a short-term extension and will continue to talk about the satellite system's continued carriage of Sinclair's 153 stations in 79 markets - and how much Dish will pay for that privilege. Affected stations include DC's Channel 7/WJLA and Baltimore's Channel 45/WBFF.

Former 25er To Buffalo - 8/17 - Josh Reed is the new top sports anchor at WIVB-TV in Buffalo. He comes from Harriburg's WHTM, where he's been a reporter and weekend sports anchor for the past nine years. Before that, he worked at Hagerstown's Channel 25/WHAG as sports director.

CBS Responds To Omar's El Zol Suit - 8/17 - Tom Taylor Now tells us that CBS Radio has responded to that $9 million suit filed in May by Puerto Rico-based entertainer Don Omar against Spanish tropical WLZL, 107.9, EL Zol. Omar charged that WLZL used his image "repeatedly and in bad faith" to sell tickets at a concert at Rosecroft Raceway even though he didn't appear on-stage after negotiations with the station broke down. Now, CBS denies that there was a final agreement in place "on all material terms." Another claim by Omar, that the station reduced airplay of his music due to the failed negotiations, is also shot down by CBS. Taylor wonders: "What's next? More court filings and possibly a motion for summary judgment by CBS, to try getting the suit dismissed." Since the suit was filed, CBS has replaced the station's top management with Robert Sanchez, who also oversees sister news talker WNEW, 99.1.

El Zol's DJ Nestor Stabbed In DC - 8/15 -

DCRTV hears that El Zol, WLZL's DJ Nestor (right) was attacked in the early hours on Thursday, August 13, in the Dupont Circle area of DC as he entered his car. The attacker demanded Nestor's wallet as he held a knife to his face. And just as Nestor reached out to hand over the wallet over, he was stabbed on the neck, face, chest, stomach, head, and other parts of his body seven times, we're told. According to WLZL Operations Manager Robert Sanchez, "Nestor is going to be okay, and hopefully back to work soon, but his injuries have kept him from working. And he does not have health insurance, so no doubt his medical bills will be in the tens of thousands of dollars." A GoFundMe account has been set-up for Nestor's medical bills.

DCRTV Does PBRTV Podcast - 8/15 - Eric O'Brien, who does DCRTV's sister radio and TV site for Pittsburgh, PBRTV, debuts his first podcast. And his debut guest is DCRTV Dave. And we talk about DCRTV's history, cable TV cord cutting, and the latest trends in DC area radio and TV. At

James White Dies - 8/14 -

DCRTV hears that WNEW overnight news anchor James White (right) died last night. He'd been suffering from cancer. White had been with the news talker three years. His DC-Baltimore radio news career included a 24-year-stint at public radio news talker WAMU as a news producer and host, in addition to four years at all-newser WTOP as a news anchor and reporter. Along with other gigs at WYPR, Maryland Public Television, and Total Traffic. "Soft spoken and unassuming as he was, he was a tough news guy, and his presence in our newsroom elevated all of us to be better at our craft," says Robert Sanchez, WNEW's program director. More: A YouCaring account has been set-up to raise funds for White's funeral expenses.

45's Karen Parks To Balto Schools - 8/14 - DCRTV hears that Karen Parks, an anchor and reporter at Baltimore's Sinclair-owned Fox affiliate, Channel 45/WBFF, has been tapped as communications director for the Baltimore City public school system.

SLR: Emily Miller, John Riggins, More - 8/14 - DCRTV Dave hangs out with Fox 5's Emily Miller. Plus, the latest dirt about DC radio ratings and some rare good news for CBS Radio. And John Riggins' new gig

with 106.7 The Fan. A Winchester station beats some big DC stations in DC. Much more. In this week's "Sadly Lacking Radio" podcast with DC media guru Jonathan at

Cooley Floats Rumors To Get Better WTEM Deal? - 8/14 - Were those rumors of Chris Cooley's return to the NFL floated to get the former Redskin a better deal at team owner Dan Snyder's sports talker, WTEM, ESPN 980? That's what Chris Lingebach thinks at CBS DC. which owns WTEM's rival, WJFK, 106.7 The Fan. Currently, Cooley co-hosts the afternoon show at ESPN 980.

NCRTM To Hold Fall Fundraiser - 8/13 - The National Capital Radio And Television Museum is holding its second annual fall fundraiser, "Turn Your Radio On." The dinner, dance, and silent auction will be held Saturday, September 12, 6:30 PM, at the Blue Dolphin Seafood Bar And Grill in Gambrills. The event will honor DC radio legend Ed Walker with special guests Arch Campbell, Evan Haning, and Camille Bohannon. Tickets are $65 per person, or $480 for a table of eight. Call 301-390-1020 or email for more information or to make reservations.

SiriusXM Drops C-SPAN - 8/13 - DC-based C-SPAN Radio loses its placement on SiriusXM's satellite radio line-up. More from Motley Fool.

WBOC Buys WOLC - 8/13 - On the Eastern Shore, Salisbury's Channel 16/WBOC says it's getting back into the radio business - it used to own WBOC radio - with the acquisition of WOLC, 102.5 FM, from Maranatha. The purchase of the radio station, which is based in Princess Anne MD, was announced Thursday by WBOC-TV Vice President/General Manager Craig Jahelka. WBOC plans to drop the station's Christian religious format, but has not announced what the new format will be. More at

Dave TV: Meeting 5's Emily Miller - 8/12 - Fox 5's Emily Miller was in my neck of the woods at South Lakes Village Center in Reston covering a story. And I got to meet her and her cameraman, Mike. At DCRTV's Dave TV page.

Cord Cutter: Deceptive Comcast Cable TV Promo Ad, More - 8/12 -

In my latest Cord Cutter video, I look at how deceptive a Comcast Xfinity offer for inexpensive cable TV is. And why TV stations, like those owned by Sinclair, would rather have you view them via a cable subscription than for free, over the air. Plus, why does ABC make it so hard for cord cutters to watch it? And more at DCRTV's Cord Cutter page.

Cumulus & Sinclair Do Nash Deal - 8/12 - Radio giant Cumulus does a deal with Baltimore-based TV station owner Sinclair to disribute programming from a new country music-based Nash TV Films creation. More at

CBS Gets 2 In "Top 10" - 8/12 -

Well, at least Steve Davis knows what he's doing at CBS Radio's DC cluster. He oversees urban contemporary WPGC, 95.5, and hot adult contemporary WIAD, 94.7 Fresh FM, and they're starting to make reliable appearances in the "top 10" slots of the DC radio ratings (unlike CBS's WJFK, WLZL, and WNEW). Until recently, it wasn't uncommon for all five of CBS's DC area FMers to be outside the "top 10." These numbers are for the "first week" of August. Full-day, age 12+: 1) WTOP, 2) WAMU, 3) WASH, 4) WHUR, 5) WIHT, 6) WBIG, 7) WPGC, 8) WMAL, 9) WIAD and WKYS, 11) WETA-FM and WMZQ, 13) WWDC, 14) WPRS and WMMJ, 16) WGTS, 17) WJFK-FM, 18) WRQX, 19) WINC-FM, 20) WFRE and WLZL and WNEW and WTEM, 24) WAVA-FM, 25) WFLS, 26) WDCN and WERQ and WFMD, 29) WIYY, 30) WBQB.

30 Wins For Winchester's WUSQ - 8/12 - About 50 miles west of DC, iHeart's country WUSQ, 102.5, takes the top spot in the Winchester radio ratings for the 30th consecutive time. Centennial's hot adult contemporary WINC-FM, 92.5, placed second (as well as 19th in the neighboring DC market). iHeart rocker WFQX, 99.3, was third and the company's contemporary hit Kiss 98.3, WKSI, was fourth.

Trump Boosts "FNS" - 8/12 - A Donald Trump phone-in boosted Fox's "Fox News Sunday" to first place in the DC market last Sunday, via Channel 5/WTTG. More at

Andi McDaniel To Head WAMU News - 8/12 - American University public radio news talker WAMU, 88.5, names Andi McDaniel as senior director of content and news. She starts September 8. According to a release, she will "oversee the station's news and talk show teams. Her duties will include defining the sound and style of WAMU's broadcast and digital products, spearheading new content, and building partnerships with local and national news organizations." She comes from Minneapolis, where she's been director of content strategy and innovation for Twin Cities Public Television.

Chas Henry Gone Fron WNEW - 8/11 - DCRTV hears that WNEW news anchor Chas Henry is among the recent wave of cuts at CBS Radio. We're told that he's already moved to his next gig - as an anchor and correspondent covering security issues at Westwood One News. More soon.

Mailbag: Cuts At WNEW? - 8/11 - DCRTV has been reporting about continuing budget cuts at CBS Radio stations across the country, including in the DC area. Now, we get this Tuesday Mailbag posting about news talker WNEW, 99.1: "More belt-tightening at WNEW? Changing from anchors half-hour on, half-hour off to anchor blocks? Bill Rehkopf solo 4 PM - 7 PM (he says on his Facebook page). More on-air hours per anchor? Stretching a bit thin?".

Hayward Released From Charter School Allegations - 8/11 -

Former Channel 9/WUSA news anchor JC Hayward (right) has been dismissed from a charter school lawsuit, releasing her from allegations that she was involved in financial mismanagement at a DC school for troubled teens, so reports the Washington Post. Hayward, who once chaired the board of Options Public Charter School, reached a settlement agreement with the city. The DC attorney general filed a lawsuit in October 2013 naming Hayward as one of five people involved in an effort to divert millions of federal tax dollars meant for Options to two for-profit companies that the school's managers founded and ran. According to the Post, Hayward will pay $8,500 to Options, a sum authorities had alleged she received to attend board meetings of one company. Hayward retired from WUSA in January after four decades on the air. She had been on hiatus since late 2013, when she was placed on leave pending an investigation into the Options allegations, the Post adds.

Skip Tash Dies - 8/11 - Robert "Skip" Tash died August 6 after battling pancreatic cancer. He was the former vice president of advertisng sales with the DC-based National Association Of Broadcasters. Before joing the NAB, Tash worked in ad sales at Inner City Broadcasting, Broadcasting & Cable magazine, the Northern Virginia-based Radio World trade journal, Comcast Spotlight, and Norstar Media.

Rouse To Return To Baltimore Radio - 8/10 - Steve Rouse, a veteran Baltimore radio personality, will return to Charm City area radio this fall with a new morning show on Havre de Grace-based oldies outlet WHGM, 1330 AM and low-powered 104.7 FM, which has been branded as "The Point." Rouse's 17-year morning show run ended in 2005, when it was cancelled by Baltimore's oldies WQSR. Rouse, whose new WHGM show will debut October 12, will be joined by Annie Beccio. "One of the biggest things for me on this was, [WHGM] is not a big, corporate-run, major deal. It's one guy and one owner, and everyone is working as a team to make this thing work. And I love the music," Rouse said. More at

WFRE Tops Frederick Again - 8/10 - Aloha Trust's country WFRE, 99.9, tops the Frederick radio ratings again. That's 41 wins in a row for the iHeart-operated "Free Country" outlet. Second place goes to Manning's hot adult contemporary WAFY, "Key 103." Hubbard's DC all-newser WTOP, which has a Frederick area signal on 103.9, ranks third. Tied in fourth place are Aloha/iHeart news talker WFMD, 930, and Manning's classic hits "Eagle 106.9" WWEG.

Nielsen To Conduct PPM Tests Locally - 8/10 - Tom Taylor Now tells us that radio ratings firm Nielsen is testing enhancements to its PPM system in the DC-Baltimore area. According to a company statement, "Nielsen is conducting live tests of the enhanced Critical Band Encoding Technology used in our Portable People Meter measurement during the month of August in the Baltimore and Washington DC markets. The CBET enhancements are part of our ongoing initiative to enhance the PPM detection of quality listening as previously announced to clients in July." Nielsen will base the tests in Columbia, Maryland, where it still has the lab and office facilities of Arbitron, which it bought in 2013.

7 Airs Tennis Channel Coverage - 8/9 - Sinclair's Channel 7/WJLA gets to air the finals today of the DC-based Citi Open tennis tournament thanks to the Tennis Channel, which has national rights. It is the first such shared broadcast coverage in the tournament's history, according to

O'Meara Releases "Open Mike" - 8/9 - DC radio great Mike O'Meara has released a new audio book, "Open Mike," now available on iTunes. It updates, expands, and enhances the book he and his show's crew wrote last year with celebrity guests, audio clips, and some surprises. The audio book is also available at

Dave TV: DC FM HD Radio Bandscan 2015 - 8/8 -

Last year, I did a DC radio FM HD Radio band scan on August 8, 2014. So, this year I did a second annual DC radio HD Radio band scan on August 8, 2015. From the DCRTV World HQ in Reston VA, about 15 miles west of the city. In the latest "Dave TV" at DCRTV's Dave TV page.

9's Bruce Johnson To Host Race Discussion - 8/7 - "Race: An Honest Conversation With Bruce Johnson," a one-hour prime time special, will air tonight, August 7, at 8 PM on Channel 9/WUSA. The town hall style format will feature in-studio participants including journalists from the Washington Post, a partner in the production. The hashtag for Tweeting the event is #9TalksRace. Johnson has covered Washington for more than 30 years at DC's CBS affiliate.

Marlin Taylor To Retire From SiriusXM - 8/7 -

From Tom Taylor Now. Marlin Taylor (right) was there for the birth of radio's "beautiful" easy listening music format more than 50 years ago, and he's been busy for the last decade and a half with DC-based XM and now SiriusXM. He's currently programming the Escape beautiful music channel - the one that's being shunted off the satellite lineup to online and app. Yesterday they held a "retirement gathering" for him at the satcaster's DC headquarters. Taylor is turning 80, and he'll be leaving SiriusXM at the end of the month. That should give him time to prepare for his November 20 Hall Of Fame induction by the Broadcast Pioneers Of Philadelphia. His radio career dates back to the early 1960s, when he was in DC, helping a new FMer get on the air. Over the years, he's been instrumental in the development and success of easy listening stations in NYC, Philadelphia, Boston, and San Francisco.

James Carroll Joins CNS - 8/6 - James Carroll joins the University Of Maryland's Philip Merrill College Of Journalism as the Washington bureau chief of Capital News Service. Carroll, who has more than 30 years experience covering Congress, the federal government and politics and policy, most recently was Washington bureau chief for the Louisville Courier-Journal. His work was frequently published on the USA Today wire, in Gannett newspapers nationwide, as well as in USA Today and its website. Earlier in his career, Carroll worked for the Long Beach Press-Telegram/Knight-Ridder Newspapers Washington Bureau, the Orange County Register, and the Boston Globe. Carroll's hiring coincides with the move of the CNS bureau from the National Press Building to the Ronald Reagan Building in downtown DC.

PBO: More Navy Football On BAL, More - 8/6 - Baltimore news talker WBAL-AM, 1090, pens a new deal to carry Navy football. Where can you catch Ravens' pre-season games on area TV and radio? Comcast SportsNet re-starts "Ravens Training Camp Daily." And the latest Baltimore sports radio ratings. In the latest Baltimore sports media column at

WaPo Close To Overtaking NYT On Digital Front - 8/6 - Ken Doctor at Politico's Capital New York says that the Washington Post is close to overtaking the New York Times in the battle for digital eyeballs. "The Post now can claim 90% of the monthly US unique visitors of the New York Times, according to Comscore. Though under owner Jeff Bezos, the Post has become a fairly private company, we can see how it has moved up quickly in the pack of national news providers," writes Doctor.

WaPo & Univision Partner For Dem Debate - 8/6 - The Washington Post and Univision News today announced they will co-sponsor one of the six Democratic presidential primary debates sanctioned by the Democratic National Committee. The debate will take place in Miami next year. More at

SLR: Donnie's Baaaack, Jack Loses Another One, More - 8/6 - Donnie Simpson returns to the DC radio dial. Is he too old too attract the young pairs of ears that radio advertisers crave? Jack Diamond loses yet another radio gig - and it looks like he won't be returning to WRQX any time soon. Plus, former WTEMer Chris Russell re-joins WJFK. And some rantings about Windows 10. In the latest "Sadly Lacking Radio" podcast with DCRTV's webmaster Dave and DC media guru Jonathan. At

WaPo Teams With Genius For Debate - 8/6 - The Washington Post is teaming up with Genius, the online annotation platform, to annotate tonight's Republican debate. This marks the first time a major publisher has used Genius for a political debate, according a Post release. Post journalists and readers will be able to share insights, relevant articles, and social media posts directly on the debate transcript once it becomes available. More at

C-SPAN Radio Goes To The Movies - 8/6 - C-SPAN Radio takes you to the movies. Hear four Supreme Court cases that have played a part in popular movies. From this summer's "Woman In Gold" to the free speech case from the 1996 movie "The People Versus Larry Flynt." Plus, the Watergate case from "All The President's Men" from 1976, and the 2011 drama "The Loving Story," about the landmark civil rights case invalidating the laws prohibiting interracial marriage. Starting August 8 at 6 PM when C-SPAN Radio airs the high court's oral arguments in the case behind "Woman In Gold." With additional episodes airing every Saturday in August. Listen via WCSP, 90.1 FM, or at

Riggo Joins JFK - 8/5 -

Redskins legend John Riggins (right) returns to the DC airwaves as a contributor to CBS sports talker WJFK, 106.7 The Fan. He will provide commentary and analysis on the Redskins and NFL with appearances with afternoon drive host Chad Dukes at 5 PM on Mondays and Fridays during the Redskins season. His first appearance will be Friday, August 14. Also, Riggins will host "The John Riggins Show" with Grant Paulsen every Monday at 6 PM, leading into "Monday Night Football" broadcasts on WJFK. "After about four years now, it's time to get back in [the local broadcasting business], roll my sleeves up and let people know what I think," Riggins says. Adds WJFK Program Director Chris Kinard, "John Riggins is a dynamic personality who is unafraid to tell it exactly like it is. He's also perhaps the most popular Redskins player of all time." More at

Upward Financials For Sinclair - 8/5 - Baltimore-based Sinclair Broadcast Group has reported total second quarter revenues of $554.2 million, a 21.1% increase over the prior year's second quarter. Operating income was $114.3 million, an increase of 11%, and net income was $45.8 million. Net broadcast revenues increased 24.3% to $502.3 million in the quarter, with digital revenues up 32%. More at In Baltimore, Sinclair owns Channel 45/WBFF and operates Channel 24/WUTB and Channel 54/WNUV. In DC, the firm owns Channel 7/WJLA and NewsChannel 8.

Cancelled Show Costly For Discovery - 8/5 - The cancellation of "19 Kids And Counting" amid molestation charges against Josh Duggar cost TLC's parent company, Silver Spring-based Discovery Communications, $19 million. More at

PBDC: Hoffman To Be Skins Beat Reporter For ESPN 980, More - 8/4 - Craig Hoffman is ESPN 980's new Redskins beat reporter. Chris Russell returns to 106.7 The Fan. Legendary sports promoter Donald Dell interviews sports greats on Comcast SportsNet, which also ramps up for Redskins training camp coverage. The Ravens get pre-season TV coverage in DC. And the latest DC sports radio ratings. In the latest DC sports media column at

WTOP Tops July Radio Ratings For DC - 8/4 -

The Washington market radio ratings for the month of July. Full-day, age 12+: 1) WTOP, 2) WAMU, 3) WIHT, 4) WHUR, 5) WASH, 6) WBIG, 7) WIAD, 8) WPGC, 9) WKYS, 10) WMAL and WMZQ, 12) WETA-FM, 13) WMMJ, 14) WWDC, 15) WGTS and WPRS, 17) WJFK-FM, 18) WRQX, 19) WNEW, 20) WLZL, 21) WFRE, 22) WTEM, 23) WINC-FM and WDCN and WAFY, 26) WBQB and WAVA-FM and WFLS, 29) WWEG, 30) WGRQ and WQSR and WERQ, 33) WIYY and WPFW, 35) WSPZ and WKDV and WSMD and WPOC, 39) WILC and WBJC and WWMX and WACA and WZBA and WLIF and WKIK.

WPOC Tops July Radio Ratings For Balto - 8/4 - The Baltimore market radio ratings for the month of July. Full-day, age 6+: 1) WPOC, 2) WERQ, 3) WZBA and WLIF, 5) WWIN-FM and WJZ-FM, 7) WWMX, 8) WZFT, 9) WRBS-FM and WIYY, 11) WQSR, 12) WBAL-AM, 13) WCBM, 14) WCAO, 15) WHUR and WPGC, 17) WYPR, 18) WKYS, 19) WNEW, 20) WBJC, 21) WWDC, 22) WMZQ and WIHT and WTOP, 25) WXCY and WBIG and WRNR-FM, 28) WASH and WAMU and WTTR, 31) WWIN-AM and PR106.1 and WRQX and WLZL, 35) WEAA and WTMD and WFRE, 38) WGTS, 39) WAVA-FM and WMAL.

With Donnie Coming, WMMJ Tweaks Sked - 8/4 -

With yesterday's big news that DC radio legend Donnie Simpson will be doing afternoons come 8/17, DCRTV hears that Radio One's adult urban contemporary WMMJ, Majic 102.3, has tweaked its overall sound. It's now calling itself "The Real Sound Of The DMV" with soulful R&B, rhythmic classic hip-hop, and DC's homegrown Go-Go music. In addition to Simpson's arrival, WMMJ is also making some other lineup changes. Simpson sidelick, comedian Huggy Lowdown will be doing a commercial-free "house party" hour at 9 AM, after Tom Joyner's morning show. Michel Wright will hold court in middays, while John Monds does evenings.

Dave TV: Why's Donnie Simpson Returning To DC Radio? - 8/4 -

I do some analysis as to what's behind Donnie Simpson's decision to return to DC area radio five years after leaving WPGC. And why is the benefactor of his talent Radio One's WMMJ, where he'll be doing afternoon drive starting August 17th. He'll certainly be a big boost to the adult urban contemporary station's anemic ratings of late. In today's "Dave TV" at DCRTV's Dave TV page.

Older news goes to DCRTV's News Archive. Older gossip and commentary items can be found on DCRTV's Rant page. Copyright Dave Hughes/DCRTV.

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