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How To Retract Bid On Ebay


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Voiding A Bid On Ebay There are 3 ways to retract a bid on Ebay. First, if you accidently bid $500.00 instead of $50 you can retract your bid. Second, if you can't reach the Seller thats a reason to retract a bid. Third, if the Seller does a big change to the item description after you placed your, the bid can be retracted. These are three ways a Buyer can retract a bid.

As a Buyer, you should understand that you can't just retract a bid because you just changed your mind. Nevertheless, if its a serious problem for you. Try contacting the Seller. He may be willing to assist you in retracting your bid. You can contact the seller through your Ebay Email account. If fraud was involve with the purchase and someone purchased the item instead of you, make sure you contact the Seller and explain the situation. However, the Buyer should know that the Seller still does not have to retract the bid.

Also, the Buyer

should understand if they place their bid more than 12 hours before the auction ends, they can cancel their bid up until the auction only has 12 hours remaining.

You can only retract a bid during the last 12 hours of an auction if the bid you are retracting was also placed within the last 12 hours of the auction.

If the bid was made before the last 12 hours began and you want ot retract your bid within those last 12 hours, the Buyer must contact the Seller. The Seller must agree with the Buyer retracting the bid. If the Seller does not agree then the Buyer is still responsible for the bid.

The Buyer needs to make sure he or she wants to purchase the merchandise when the bid. They need to fully understand what they are purchasing. If they don't want to purchase the product after bidding, the Buyer should be professional about it and follow the rule according to Ebay Policy.


Retracting Bid On Ebay

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