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How to Run a Bidder Search on eBay

how to retract ebay bid

By performing a bidder search on eBay, you can find out information on bidders who’ve beaten you in recent auctions. You can run a bidder search by following these steps:

To check the bidder’s previous auction wins, select the Completed Listings Only box.

Running a bidder search to uncover bidding patterns.

By studying bidding history, you can see how high the bidder is willing to bid on certain items. This is invaluable information if you want to get a drift of how high you have to bid to win the next auction.

Tell eBay whether you also want to see the person’s bid even if he or she is not the high bidder.

Selecting the Even If Not the High Bidder option

means that you want to see the bidder’s activity in every auction, even if the person is not the current high bidder. You should probably check all the bidder’s auctions to see how aggressively he or she bids on items. You can also see how badly a bidder wants specific items.

If the bidder was bidding on an item in the past that you’re both interested in now, you can get a fairly good idea of how high that person is willing to go for the item this time.

Choose the number of items you want to see per page.

7. Click the Search button.

Bidder Search results for a bidder — note that the Nintendo Wii Fit auction hasn't ended yet.

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