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How to retract my bid on ebay

how to retract my bid on ebay

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How to remove or retract a bid on eBay? Posted on August 7th

How to retract or remove your bid on eBay? If you are the winning bidder of an item on eBay you are obliged to purchase that item. There are two exceptions to this rule:

  1. Sales of real state or business (non-binding bid policy ).
  2. Sales of the item prohibited by law or eBay’s user agreement.

However there are exceptional circumstances in which you are allowed to retract or remove your bid:

  • You made a typographical error and accidentally entered the wrong bid amount. (Changing your mind is not considered a typographical error). Only when you have entered the amount by mistake.
  • If the description of the item has significantly changed since you placed your bid.
  • The seller is unreachable by phone and email (he does not answer his phone and you receive failure deliveries on the emails you send).

All the above are acceptable only if it is before 12 hours to the end of the auction. If you qualify for the above circumstances you can retract you bid here: Remove and Retract Bid .

If less than 12 hours is left from the end of the auction it is recommended that you should contact your seller. The seller will have the discretion

whether to cancel your bid. The seller can cancel bids through this link: Canceling bids placed on your listings .

Note: There is no equivalent for bid removal/retraction on buy it now items. In that case buyer/seller can come to an agreement to disregard the sale.

Warning: Bid retraction/removal is highly monitored by eBay and inappropriate use of this feature will result in suspension of accounts. Also note that eBay is specifically looking for any retracted bids in the last 24 hours of respective auctions.

Some Responses to “How to remove or retract a bid on eBay?” :

Would like to remove my last bid from ebay for the 9 passenger train with steam engine, ( item#18606). Bidding still has 2 days left.

Commented ron croce on December 5th, 2008.

we should be able to take back bids it is not fair we should be able to say “you know I don’t want this”

Commented **** Ebay on November 29th, 2009.

If you use you can cancel a bid up to 5 minutes before auction close, because it places the bid just a few seconds before auction close-so the bid is never actually made until the last moment.

Yeah I know! I had placed bids here and there for the same item because I never won, but I won, so I retracted some bids and got a warning! It’s too binding, really!

Commented Sara on July 10th, 2011.

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