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How to revoke a bid on ebay

how to revoke a bid on ebay

A customised link that goes directly to a list of items you have for sale.

URL of page(s) where you plan to display buttons (required):


You must agree to this "Link Agreement" before you use these eBay approved graphics on your site. Use of these buttons constitutes your agreement to the terms described below.

Once you have read the "Link Agreement" and agreed to its terms, you will find instructions for using the graphics on your site.

eBay™ Link Licence Agreement

eBay is delighted that you would like to link your Web Site to eBay’s Web Site. eBay would like to provide you with eBay button(s) for such links. To use the eBay button(s),

you first need to read and agree to the terms of eBay Link Licence Agreement. If the licence terms are acceptable to you, click on the "I Agree" button. Then after you complete the eBay licence form below you are ready to link to eBay. Instructions to implement the eBay button(s) on your Web Site will be given to you after the licence form has been submitted. Thank you for your interest in eBay.

You agree to the following terms and conditions in order to use the eBay button(s) and eBay Marks (as defined in section 3 below):

1. The eBay button(s) may be used only as depicted below. You will not modify or alter the eBay button in any way.

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