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How to start a programs in Terminal Server when logon

There are multiple ways to start a program when a TS users logon.

1. Setup TS Environment in a user's Properties.

If you want to setup only a TS user to start a program at logon, try this. Open the user Properties from Local Users and Computers or ADUC. Click on Environment tab. Check the "Start the following program at logon". Enter the path and the program file name. Click OOK to save teh settigns.

2. Setup TS Environment in Terminal Services Configuration.

If you want to all users start a program when logon a Terminal server, you can configure it using TS configuration. To do

that, open Terminal Services Configuration from Administrative Tools. Click Environment tab. Check "Start the following program when the user log on". Enter the path and program file name. Click OK to save the settigns.

3. Setup Start a Program on connection using Group Policy.

Yu can also use group policy to setup starting a program when logon. This example is using Windows 2008 R2. Run group policy object from windows 2008 server. Navigate to Administrative Templates>Windows Components>Remote Desktop Services>emote Desktop Session>Remote Session Environment under User Configuration or Computer Configuration (depends on what you want to do). enable Start a program on connection. Enter the program file information. Click OK to save the settigns.

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