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It is Lily's 32nd birthday, and, as one who really loves her own birthday, she wakes herself up at midnight for the sole purpose of announcing that it is officially her birthday before falling asleep once again. Later in the morning, Marshall brings her breakfast in bed with its own theme, Spanish Interlude. complete with a guitarist and a picture of the "lyrical rolling hills of northern Spain " in the window.

One of Lily's first presents to be opened is a new digital camera with naked pictures of Marshall inside. As she enjoys taking pictures all the time, Barney and Robin cringe as they remember all of the group shots Lily took over the years and the situations that happened before the pictures were taken. Ted arrives at the door with his new girlfriend, Amanda. who has volunteered to bake Lily's cake.

The group plays parlor games designed to test their knowledge of Lily, but Amanda does not know anything about her. Lily gathers the gang together for their annual group photo while Amanda prepares the birthday cake in the kitchen, in an attempt to take the photo without Amanda. Ted objects, so Lily brings out a photo album showing pictures from past events where Ted has brought his dates along. Lily challenges Ted to name them, but he fails to remember a single one.

Robin notices that Barney 's pose is exactly the same in all of the photographs. Barney explains that he never takes a bad picture. He compares and contrasts his photo presence with Marshall's; while Barney always looks "drop dead, stone cold amazing," Marshall "just looks dead, stoned, and cold". Robin tries to take candid pictures of Barney, but is shocked to see his usual pose in all the pictures. Ted calls Lily a "birthday brat", not understanding why she is so upset over ruining "a couple of pictures". Lily reminds him of their trip to Paris. It was initially reserved for only her and Marshall, but Ted came along with Karen. Karen and Ted got in a fight and broke up before the plane landed. Karen's presence in Paris ruined the whole trip.

Ted apologizes for always ruining their group shots, but explains that he's always trying to find "The One". Robin admits not inviting Don because some of the gang's important events are not ideal to bring new friends. Ted notes that Robin is Lily's best friend, but she began as one of Ted's "random skanks", Lily countering that Robin is the "skanky exception to the skanky rule". Ted accepts that Amanda does not have to be in the group photo, but asks Lily to give her a chance. When Amanda reveals the birthday cake, which reads "Happy 42nd Birthday, Lori", Marshall gives her his "you're dead to me" look and kicks Amanda out of the apartment. Marshall explains he has become cynical because every time Ted breaks up with a girl, Marshall is there to pick up the pieces and console the girl.

Ted comments that all of the photos in Lily's photo album show no signs of the fights and disagreements that happened only moments before they were taken. Lily turns the page to the first photo that she, Marshall, and Ted had taken together back in college, a result of Ted inviting her into the picture because he believed that her and Marshall's relationship would last. Lily apologizes to Ted and agrees to call back Amanda. When the time comes for the group photo, Robin tricks Barney into removing his suit jacket just before

the picture is taken, but the finished product shows Barney in his usual pose, much to Robin's dismay.

At Lily's 33rd birthday, Lily asks Ted to identify Amanda in the photo album, but he cannot remember her name. As they gather for the group photo, Robin offers Barney some dip. Barney realizes too late the dip is cilantro. which he is allergic to, and begins to sneeze. Finally, Robin catches Barney in a compromising position for a bad photograph.

  • Marshall mentions consoling Natalie after she and Ted broke up in February 2005. However, in  Return of the Shirt . which occurs in October 2005, Ted says he hasn't seen her in three years. The incident Marshall refers to also can't have happened after that episode, as Ted and Natalie broke up at a restaurant and not the apartment. where Marshall finds her.
  • Ted brings up Lily and Marshall fighting on Halloween over Lily not wanting to dress up as penguins and calling them (according to Marshall) "lame". Marshall liking penguins was first referenced in  Slutty Pumpkin . where he approves of the Slutty Pumpkin's researching them.
    • Marshall also appeals to Robin over Lily's attitude towards penguins, and Robin's love for them was previously mentioned in  Robin 101 . where it is revealed that her temper can be defused by talking about emperor penguins.
  • Lily's summer studying in Paris was first mentioned in  Cupcake .
  • Barney's pose in all photographs can be seen in the picture of the gang and Ted's parents at brunch from  Brunch .
  • Ted mentions how Robin started as one of his "random skanks", and in  Monday Night Football . Marshall complains when Ted invites Robin to the gang's Super Bowl viewing party in a flashback to the 2006 Super Bowl.
  • Marshall is seen reading the "How to Win a Marathon" book that he uses to train New York City Marathon  in  Lucky Penny on the flight to Paris.
  • While listing all the intimate gatherings ruined by Ted's "random skanks", Lily brings up how he brought his hippy girlfriend Strawberry to their celebration of Marshall passing the bar exam at the Teppanyaki restaurant Shinjitsu. Marshall finds out that he passed the bar in Spoiler Alert .
    • The gang visit Shinjitsu again in Ducky Tie . where it is revealed that Barney had been conditioning Marshall to want to go to the restaurant for years by sneezing whenever he suggested it.
  • Lily previously complained about people outside the gang appearing in group photos of significant gatherings in  Slapsgiving . when Robin invited her boyfriend Bob for Thanksgiving. Here, however, Robin sides with Lily, and informs Ted that it is why she didn't invite Don, who she started dating in  Of Course .
  • Robin recalls being a guest at a Japanese wedding while living in Japan, which she did between  Intervention  and  Shelter Island .
  • One of the group photos in Lily's album was taken at the celebration of the approval of Robin's US citizenship, which she decided to apply for in  Duel Citizenship . Robin and Barney were together at the time of the party, and indicate that they are having problems, alluding to the events of  The Rough Patch .
  • Lily's and Marshall's respective "you're dead to me" looks were first referenced in  Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap .

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