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EPFO - How to check my pf balance

how to see pf balance


Usage of RTI can solve your problem.

1) White paper with detailed query of status of application for PF number (from to respected sir format)

2) 10 rupees postal order

3) Post to address

Public information officer, EPFO, place where PF account maintained

See the response in 30 days and the government officer in charge of your application has to give reason with justification/answer and it will stand as a proof with valid authorized signature from a government officer.

Please write query in clear ad legible manner. If there, enclose the copy of PF withdrawal or transfer application with your RTI application.

Government officials will not give blunt replies for your RTI. You can see the accountable person for delay has to give an answer within 30 days and has to do his duty without fail. If not, he will be fined for each day delay in providing information.

Lot of success stories are there in usage of RTI in all government organizations since 2005…

Please send application to Central Public Information Officer of nearest Provident Fund office with postal order of Rs.10.

How to file RTI: Steps:

After your success, share the information with others to avoid corrupt free and a good nation to our future generations.


RTI Questions

Template of RTI for PF delay

Downloaded from, Complete Community Portal

for Right to Information.




4. I enclose herewith Indian Postal Order No.____________ dated

______for Rs.10/- favouring “_______ OF EPFO” as application fee.

5. Information sought by me is required by speed post. Kindly rush

the same. I am an Indian citizen.

Date: ________

Encls: 3 Signature of Applicant

Downloaded from, Complete Community Portal

for Right to Information.

List of Information required by


[PF a/c No._____________________]

Under Right to Information Act, 2005

1. Please let me know present status of my application dated

_______, photocopy of which is enclosed herewith.

2. Please supply me ledger extract of my PF a/c from inception to

date of your reply, duly certified by you or the competent authority.

3. I be informed details of action so far taken by your office for

recovering arrears of employers’ contribution in my account and the

result of such action. If no action is taken, I should be informed

reasons thereof and names, designation and place of present posting

of officers responsible for the same.

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