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How to share balance in warid

how to share balance in warid


Suppose, you are travelling in a public transport and your mobile balance is near to end or completely finished. However, you have much need of balance at this time for making a contact with your relative, who is waiting for you at the station. What will you do in this critical situation? Gone were the days, when there was no solution of this problem. Now, all mobile companies in Pakistan are offering a really deal to their subscribers that is named as “Balance Share”. The meaning of “Balance Share” is transferring of some selected amount from one subscriber to other, but both must be using same cellular network. The method of sharing balance in Ufone, Zong, Warid, Telenor, and Jazz is as following.

How to Share Balance in Ufone

Write a message like “0333xxxxxxxU2Uamount” and send to 828.

How to Share Balance in Zong

To share balance from zong to zong, just write a message like “0312XXXXXXX.amount” & send to 999. After receiving

a confirmation message, reply on it with writing “Y”.

Service fees will be charged for 4% of amount transfer.

How to Share Balance in Warid

Write a message like “B<Space><Prepaid Number><Space><Amount>  and send to 1414”

*Sharing Amount from Rs10 – Rs1000.

Transfer amount from Rs 10 to Rs 50       Rs 2.5 + Tax

Above Rs 50       5% + Tax

How to Share Balance in Telenor

To share balance in Telenor, there is no need to go in to message menu. Just type the following code on the screen of your mobile and press the send button.


The transaction fee for transferred amount will be 4% of transferred amount.

How to Share Balance in Jazz

The balance transfer method for jazz is also similar to Telenor, means there is usage of message writing. Just type “*100*92300xxxxxxx*amount#” and share the balance between Rs. 10-200.

The transaction charges for balance transfer will be 6% of transfer amount.

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