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dundermifflin in Connecticut

I have worked at Lowe's for the past year and it has been the worst work experience of my life. The management staff comes and goes and these people are brutal. They have no respect for employees and will take every chance they get to ruin your spirit. The last few months have been awful, there is a new store opening up a town away and they are downsizing and trying to smoke people out of there, one of these people being me. I've been moved from department to department and I still do not know what will become of me, and I have asked numerous times to be given a full time status, something these people don't hand out too often. Much more could be said but I'm afraid I'm tired

of talking about this. Any more questions just reply.

Eliza in Port Orchard, Washington

Wow really? I am just going through the application process now. What other infor do you have for me? I am applying for cashier .

Michael Fox in Norwich, Connecticut

93 months ago

I worked for Lowe's in Hixson, TN, and had a very good experience. Of course, I worked as a Kitchen Cabinet Specialist, not as a cashier. so most of the time I was working on my own and not for someone else directly - which suited me fine. I left to join the Navy in 2003 for patriotic reasons.

Although I'm currently looking at smaller companies that specialize in Kitchen Design. I certainly wouldn't mind going back to Lowe's. Hope this helps.

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