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How to start a broker dealer

how to start a broker dealer


Hi, my name is George Dean. I am known for my down-to-earth, tell-you-how-it-is Auto Dealer Training Program. I am famous for helping absolute beginners get started buying & selling used cars for maximum profit. George's expertise & acclaimed program will help you build a profitable car business without making expensive stupid mistakes.

I have been offering start-up training for new dealers, wholesalers, and auto brokers since 1997. In that time, I have trained hundreds of dealers and I've seen nearly ALL the mistakes new guys (and ladies) make when starting out. Heck I've made every mistake there is, so please, learn from our mistakes.

Imagine this. You walk through the front door of the dealership and ask for the owner. He approaches and asks, "What can I do for you?". You awkwardly respond with the question you have rehearsed over and over, "Will you teach me how to buy and sell used cars for profit?". The owner will have a great bid ole belly laugh. You will be laughed right out of the dealership. No one will reveal these secrets. The business is just too profitable to invite more competition (why do you think the industry requires a license? They want to keep you OUT!).

Well, I am on your team. I am here to help SO if you have a question, ask me any question . I am here to help

- truly.

ARE YOU BRAND NEW? I recommend you master the SIX STEPS as outlined below BEFORE you venture off and get your car dealers license. After you learn/practice/master these steps, flip a few cars, pocket some profit, and THEN get your dealers license. Take this advice to heart.

1. Locate the Car

Deals are everywhere. You will discover all my favorite sources and how to find your own 'honey holes'. Everyone knows there are TONS of cars at dealer auctions BUT the most profitable deals are NOT there. I will teach you where they are - you might be surprised.

2. Inspection:

Buying quality cars is central to my philosophy. I do NOT believe in buying junkers and 'fixing them up' UNLESS you ARE indeed a mechanic or own a body chop. Otherwise, stick with NICE cars. I want to you never buy a turd. You will learn how to buy mechanically and structurally sound cars - don't worry, I will teach you! There is even a video.

You do NOT have to be a mechanic to be successful in this business but do need to know HOW to use mechanics, use pre & post sale inspections, how to avoid cars that have been in accidents (or floods), and more. This is very valuable and worth your careful study. This ALONE is worth the price of admission into the Auto Dealer Academy.

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