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How to stop a moneygram transaction

how to stop a moneygram transaction

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I sent to a well respected man in Nigeria. while here in the states he gave me a loan, a large one, to help my son with a problem that got him less time in prison and I used MoneyGram to pay him back. The associates made a decision that I was being taken advantage of and stopped me from sending or receiving money from anywhere. My Aunt in California sent me $325.00. They asked personal questions. Took my ID and ask what this woman was to me in California. They ask what the money was for. This was not their business! I am a law abiding person and my money is my business. Even if I want to burn it. it's not theirs to decide.

After much searching for a MoneyGram location that had a machine in it that wasn't broken. hard to find apparently. I went with MoneyGram through Ace check cash's website. Would have stayed home had I known. I initiated the transfer. More than an hour later I get the email that says: "We need a little more information to process your transaction. Please call Customer Support at 1-866-450-9897 for help completing this transaction. You will need your authorization number (below) when you call."

Upon calling the woman asked me several questions to which I will provide my initial answers to: "Why are you sending money?" "So he can take care of something for me." "How are you related to the receiver of the money?" "Know him from high school" "What is the city and state the money is going to?" "Texarkana." Then a long wait while the "security system" analysed the amount of the kinda "short" woman didn't' seem to have very much experience. And for some reason or another the security system deduced that it would be of too great a risk for them to take on this transfer. Had someone been here they would not have been happy campers.

So I was denied what the easy

123 Ace check cashing place website told me. And then the woman suggested that she could look up local MoneyGram places and that I would be able to go there and do the transaction. She tried to blame it on my being a first time to send money ever. She directs me to the closest place, a couple blocks away. I go there and that machine has been broken for some time now. Now I'm very close to losing it. I came home and started to dial the number and decided that I would just simply try again as if the first conversation had never even taken place.

Woman asks: "What is your relationship with the receiver?" "Long time personal friend of 20 years and close friend of the family." "What is your reason for sending money today?" "Gasoline." (I may have said the word emergency a few times.) "Are you the only person with access to your e-mail account?" "Absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt. I am the head tech security administrator for the company I work for." (Seemed to like she like that answer.) After the wait for the security whatever, she gladly announced that I should be receiving a receipt and ref number shortly. I thanked her and hung up.

What we learned from this. In the line of questioning don't assume it is just more busy work. Say positive things like you are sure about the answer. Don't be vague. Embellish if you have to make it seem like you are more sure than you really are. When they suggest that you go to a specific location, ask them to check to see if that location's machine is in fact functioning. (I wasted close to $15 in gas and loads of time, not to mention this.) And of course if at first you don't succeed hang up and try again. This is a clear sign of discrimination and abuse of power. Hope these tips help someone to get their needs met the first time.

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