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How to stop menopausal hair loss

how to stop menopausal hair loss

  • Cover your head with a cotton scarf while travelling.
  • Oil your hair once a week to feel the change.
  • Avoid dyeing, blow drying and ironing your hair frequently.
  • Stress is the prime reason for early baldness in most people.

As seasons change, the growth pattern of your hair and the hair follicles also respond accordingly. Extreme weather conditions can leave your hair brittle and coarse leading to hair loss. Apart from that, people experience hair loss due to lack of maintenance and negligence.

Here are a few ways in which you can stop hair loss:

  • Hair being the most exposed part of your body has the tendency to gather dust, heat and dirt in no time. Therefore, we all experience a certain dryness and dandruff very frequently. These are the prime contributory factors for hair loss and can be curbed by covering your head with a cotton scarf while travelling. Fashion conscious people can opt for hats, caps and stylish umbrellas to complete their look.
  • Oil your hair. Most people avoid or forget applying oil to their hair which makes the scalp produce oil on its own to maintain the moisture level of the skin. This is often misconstrued as a sign of oily scalp. This is not true! Oil your hair once a week to feel the change and the difference in the quality of your hair.
  • Avoid dyeing, blow drying and ironing your hair frequently. This makes the hair brittle and changes the texture of the hair drastically. Repeated sessions of applying direct heat on your hair strands can cause long term damage to your hair such as thinning,

    loss in shine and baldness.

  • Many spa salons offer spa treatments for your hair which last for 30—40 minutes leaving your hair nourished. This can be another alternative to stop hair loss.
  • Apply freshly prepared henna on your hair along with one egg and curd. Make sure it reaches in all corners of the scalp. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash it off with water. Shampoo your hair the following day. This stops hair loss within 15 days and also adds more volume to your hair.
  • It is true that hair is the second most fastest growing organ in the body apart from the bone marrow. But one must realise the damage caused to our hair is speedier than the growth pattern of our hair thereby, giving the follicles less amount of time for regeneration. Vitamin E capsules should be mixed in oil (at least two capsules if hair loss is more) and applied two times a week for best results.
  • Apart from that, include a lot of protein in your daily diet. Protein and iron helps rebuild the loss of tissue in the scalp and helps strengthen the follicles so that they can hold the hair root more firmly.
  • Women suffering from extreme hormonal imbalance tend to suffer from hair loss. For this, one should consult a gynaecologist for remedial measures.
  • Avoid taking stress. Joining meditation classes or proactively participating in yoga can help you lead a better lifestyle. Most people witness baldness early in their lives and the prime reason for this is stress.

Improve your dietary patterns and take care of your hair. Good quality hair will automatically make those heads turn in appreciation!

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