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Do a Verizon or Sprint "ESN Swap" Online

how to swap a sprint phone

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EVDOinfo Tip of the Week #28: Do a Verizon or Sprint "ESN Swap" Online

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Thursday, 12 November 2009 has long been your source for tips, tricks, hacks and suggestions for getting the most out of your EVDO service, and each week we will be highlighting a particularly interesting or popular topic in the "Tip of the Week" feature. To suggest future Tips of the Week, contact us at or post your suggestions in the EVDO Forums .

If you purchase a new Verizon or Sprint phone or modem to replace an existing device and need to swap the service from your old device to your new one, you can do so online! You can always call your provider and request an ESN swap over the phone, but doing so online is quick and easy and ensures that no changes will accidentally be made to your contract or service by an overzealous rep. Simply follow the below steps and your new device will be ready to use in no time.

VERIZON ESN Swaps online :

3) This will bring up the Activate Phone page. Here you can select the phone line that you are changing and enter the Hex Number that is on the back of your new phone or EVDO card. The Hex number is also called your ESN and is made up of the letters A-F and digits 0-9. Enter it and then click

"submit". If it asks you for the "Reason for Change" you should select "Other":

4) Your next screen should look like this (except your phone number will be displayed):

5) Wait 5-10 minutes and you will be able to activate your device! For an EVDO modem, you can use VZAccess or MCM; for a phone simply dial *228 and press send and your phone will be programmed over the air in about 60 seconds.

SPRINT ESN Swaps online.

1) Start by signing up or logging into your Sprint account at using your login name and password. This will automatically bring you to the "Welcome Back to My Sprint" page; from that page select the "Phone & Plan" link from the top navigation:

2) This will bring up a list of all the lines on your account. Find the line that you want to swap, and select "Actiavte a New Phone" from the options on the right:

Click image to view larger screenshot

3) On the next screen, enter the ESN from your new phone/aircard. You'll need to enter it twice. Enter your email address so that Sprint can email you a confirmation of the swap once it's complete. Click "Continue":

5) Once the swap is complete, you'll see a confirmation screen with your programming instructions. You can now activate your phone or modem! Depending on the model, you may need the programming info to activate your new device, so we recommend saving this info somewhere in case you need it:

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