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I may never look like a Rockette, but it won’t stop me from working out with one.

My husband and I are on Day Four of the Insanity workout. It’s brutal and quite honestly the only reason I’m doing it is because he wanted to and I’m too damn competitive to let him workout without me. I’m not proud of that, but I’m all about honesty so there you have it. I’m abusing my body for forty minutes every day for the next 60 days because I’m a stubborn little b-i-t-c-h.

It’s gotten my thinking though, all this insanity. this is why people yo-yo. We have an all or nothing attitude about fitness and weight loss in this country so we either go insane or we do nothing. Yes, the guys and ladies in this workout video have perfect bodies, but that isn’t the only way to be healthy and not having a perfect body shouldn’t stop you from using yours as much as possible.

I’m a size 12. Despite my healthy eating and regular exercise and over 30 pound weight loss, in the last year, I have lost one, yes one, clothes size. Apparently my waist (and hips and chest…) is also stubborn. I don’t look anything like those people in the exercise video but so far I’m keeping up with them. In any fashion industry publication I’d qualify as plus-size even though I can outlast my 6’3″ 100andskinny pound husband on a run and so far have been able to do at least as much as he can in these workouts that anyone will tell you are beyond-challenging.

I used to think if I didn’t or even couldn’t look like the trainers at my gym then why should I bother. I used to think if I did everything “right” and wasn’t a size four then why bother? Let me just have my ice-cream and evening on the couch with my favorite friend, the television.

Then I shook off all those expectations of what was supposed to happen when you ate well and exercised and just started nourishing my body and soul and everything was perfect. My “numbers” at the doctor are all near perfect, my immune system is pretty solid. I feel great and I’m mostly happy (everybody has days right?). I don’t count calories.  I don’t exercise like a crazy person except under the duress of my husband’s wishes. (Kidding, Dear.) I live my life according to what I feel like I need and so far it’s working out great.

And I’m still a size twelve.

My mission as a coach is to get the word out to people that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I want my clients to see that perfect looks different on every body and that you don’t have to be a size 4 or working out every single minute of the day and eating kale in between to be healthy and happy and fit.

Regular girls can be

healthy too. Even if they are, according to the world, plus-sized or, according to me,  just plain normal.

If you’re interested in taking back your life and making it perfect for you, contact me about the EmpowHered groups and individual coaching that is starting this fall. 

Moving Your Mind

I’ve learned a valuable lesson about self-worth through rejection this weekend. All of this lead to some great news for me and you. Read about it over on the blog. Then contact me to see how you can change your mind.

Moving Forward

I was all set to write about meat today but then I felt like I owed everyone a follow-up to The Ugly Truth piece. I won’t bore you with too many details but I will say things are looking up.

Perhaps the most important thing I did was write about it because it freed me from the burden of carrying it around alone. Just releasing that helped me to move forward (or back?) into better taking care of myself. I’ve started tracking my food like a good Health Coach client and I’ve added exercise back in to my (almost) daily routine.

Of course, the tremendous feedback helped as well. Hearing you’re not alone and you aren’t the only one making mistakes always helps make the mistakes seem less colossal and hard to return from. It’s amazing what making those few little changes has done for me. I know it’s true, as I’ve seen it with dozens of people I work with, and myself, but this was a huge reminder that it doesn’t take much to take good care of yourself.

In that same vein of reaching up and out, I went a step further than just writing the truth. I reached out and did the thing I thought I could not do.

I went to a networking event for a group that I have been “cyber-stalking” for about a year. The room was full of successful women who intimidated the heck out of me, but I held my head up and ran right into the fear.

You know what? I not only heard from incredible people that night, but I was supported and challenged and inspired in ways I haven’t been in a long time. It was the greatest decision-professional and personal-I’ve made in a long time. And just that little lift was enough to shift my focus to moving forward and stop punishing myself for the perception that I am behind.

So, dear readers, thank you. Thank you for the support you provide just being here as well as the feedback you give in comments here and on facebook and twitter. You have lifted this girl back to a place where she can go about the business of lifting others again. I still need to make sure I’m paying attention to ensure forward progress, but I now feel fortified to do just that.

I leave you with a grateful heart.

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