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Sold iPhone 5 on eBay. How to help buyer activate without changing my own contract?

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I bought an iPhone 5 from Apple on an AT&T contract and then sold it for a profit on eBay to somebody also on AT&T. They are having a hard time with activating the device as it apparently requires my billing zip and last 4 digits of my SSN to activate. I removed the SIM card before shipping the phone. An AT&T rep told me I have to activate with my info, which will deactivate my own phone line until I go to the AT&T store and ask for a new SIM card. Is this accurate? How can I help my ebay buyer activate his new phone?

Thank you!

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Yeah I went through this last year. Unfortunately, there's absolutely no way around it.

The way I fixed it

was by remote desktoping into their Mac using Screen Sharing and using the DVD Player App in "Always On Top" (so the window always covers other windows) to type in the information without them being able to see it.

Doing so activated my iPhone number on their phone, so I had AT&T on the other line and a new SIM Card ready for them to activate immediately on my end.

Unfortunately, SIM Cards are not reusable, so you need a new SIM for your phone.

The best thing to do is activate the new handset when you get it (next time) and then switch the working SIM into whatever handset you want to keep. After the handset is activated once it'll work forever. However, it must be activated by the original owner first to prevent theft in transit.

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