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How to swap verizon phones

how to swap verizon phones

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Swap out the SIM card. For some phones, the contacts can be stored on the SIM card. When you get your new phone, simply remove the SIM card from your old phone and insert it into your new phone. The SIM card is typically located behind the battery cover and will be the size of a credit card on older phones and will be 25 millimeters by 15 millimeters on smaller phones. You may need to transfer your contacts from the phone's built-in memory to the SIM card first. Do so using the phone's SIM manager interface. If you need help, ask for help at your local store.

Move your data on a microSD card. The microSD slot is typically located on the left or right hand side of the phone or behind the battery cover on the back. The slot is approximately 11 centimeters wide. You may also recognize the microSD logo printed near the slot or on the flap covering the slot. If your phone has a microSD slot, insert a microSD card and navigate to the file manager in your phone. Reaching this interface varies between phones. From here, you can copy all applicable files to your microSD card. Refer to your manual for specific instructions. Alternately, you may need to navigate to the ringtones manager or

photo manager and individually select each file and choose to copy it to your microSD card. Remove the card and insert it into your new Verizon phone. Your new phone should recognize the files automatically.

Use Backup Assistant. Verizon Wireless offers a pay service that will save your contacts to a secure remote server. Using your old phone, navigate to "Get It Now" and download Backup Assistant. If you do not have "Get It Now" on your phone, navigate to the "Media Center" and choose "Get New Application" and find Backup Assistant here. Run the application and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you activate your new phone, download Backup Assistant again and follow the on-screen instructions to restore your saved contacts.

Save files to your computer. Connect your phone to your computer using the included USB cable. You may need to install the drivers included with your phone. Using the included software, transfer the files onto your computer. Alternately, choose "USB Mass Storage" in your phone's menu. Once your phone is in USB Mass Storage mode, you can browse the contents and copy and move files as if it were an external hard drive. Copy the files to your computer. On your new phone, connect using the included software or as a USB Mass Storage device and move the saved files to your new phone.

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