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How to Use All the Different Wii Controllers

How to Use All the Different Wii Controllers

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The Nintendo Wii is a video game console that is known for its motion-sensing controllers. Unlike many other video game consoles, there are several controllers that can be used with the Nintendo Wii, depending on the game that is being played. These controllers have different shapes and each functions differently. While some controllers can be used with most Wii games, others are designed specifically for a few games. When shopping for Wii games and controllers, it can be hard to determine which will work the best and allow the player to get the most out of a game. By learning how to use the different Wii controllers, players will be able to choose the right controllers to go with the right games. Because the controllers are so different, players will likely want to have more than one type of Wii controller on hand. Players can shop on eBay for a wide selection of new and used Wii controllers .

Wii Remote

The Wii Remote is more commonly known as the WiiMote. This is the basic controller that is included with Wii consoles upon purchase. The Wii Remote is powered by two AA batteries or it can accommodate a special rechargeable battery pack. In the long run, rechargeable batteries are the better option for powering a Wii Remote, especially for those who use it on a regular basis. The Wii Remote is best known for its motion sensing capability. A sensor bar is placed above or below the television and functions to detect movements made by the Wii Remote. The Wii Remote can be used to control most games on the Wii console as well as for navigation and control of other applications.

How to Connect the Wii Remote to the Wii

Before using the Wii Remote, it will need to be synced with the Wii console. To do this, users should turn the on the power to the console. Next, the front panel on the Wii console and the battery cover on the Wii Remote should both be opened. The button on the back of the Wii Remote should be pressed until the player lights on the front of the Wii Remote begin to flash. While they are flashing, the sync button on the Wii console should be pressed. When the player light on the front of the Wii Remote stops blinking, it is connected to the console. There are four player lights on the front of the Wii Remote. The light that remains lit indicates which player (number 1 through 4) the remote is synced for.

Using the Wii Remote

The Wii Remote is motion activated. The top power button turns the console on and off. Directly under the power button is a direction pad which can also control how the cursor or character moves on the screen. The "A" button is on the front and the "B" button is a trigger on the rear of the remote. The blue home button takes the player back to the main Wii screen. Depending on the game, the buttons will function differently.

Wii Remote Extensions

There are two Wii Remote extensions that are used to provide the Wii Remote with additional functionality. These extensions connect to the accessory port on the bottom of the Wii Remote. These extensions cannot operate apart from the Wii Remote. The two main extensions are the Nunchuk and the Wii MotionPlus sensor. These are both used for different purposes.

The nunchuk is often bundled along with the Wii Remote and Wii console. The nunchuck is equipped with an analog pad and two trigger controls. It connects to the Wii Remote with a long cord, and it is meant to be held in one hand while the Wii Remote is held in the other. Like the Wii Remote, the nunchuk is equipped with a three-axis accelerometer in order to detect motion. The nunchuk is required for some games, such as Boxing in "Wii Sports" or all of "Call of Duty 3."

The Wii MotionPlus extension increases the motion sensitivity of the Wii Remote. This small device connects to the accessory port of the Wii Remote, but it also has an accessory port at the bottom. The Wii MotionPlus is included with the "Wii Sports Resort &" game, and is also required to play most of the sports in the game. The Wii MotionPlus extension can remain connected to the Wii Remote at all times, but it will only work with games that have been designed for use with it. Play for other games will not be enhanced by using it.

Wii Remote Jackets

Several games on the Nintendo Wii require players to make throwing motions with the Wii Remote in the direction of the television. A safety strap is included with the Wii Remote to ensure that it is secured around the player’s wrist. Unfortunately, depending on the intensity of the throwing action, the Wii Remote can slip out of the player’s hand and be thrown into the TV screen or into another player. After the initial release, a special cushioned jacket was included with all Wii Remotes. This helps to reduce the damage to objects or people in the event that the safety strap fails. Short jackets are designed for the original Wii Remote and long jackets are available for the Wii Remote with the MotionPlus extension attached.

GameCube Controller

The GameCube controller was designed for use with the GameCube console. Some Wii consoles can read GameCube game discs, and these games are not designed for use with the Wii Remote. The GameCube controller will provide a better playing experience with these games. Wii consoles with the model number RVL-001 are the only ones that are compatible with GameCube controllers. GameCube games such as "Super Smash Brothers Brawl" and "Mario Cart" as well as some games downloaded from WiiWare work well with the GameCube controller.

How to Connect the GameCube Controller to the Wii

The GameCube controller is not wireless like the Wii Remote. This means that it

has to be connected directly to the console in order to work. The door on the top of the Wii console opens to reveal four ports for connecting controllers. The door may be on the side of the Wii console if it is placed in a horizontal position. The end of the GameCube controller is then plugged into one of the ports on the console. The port that is closest to the front of the console is for Player 1.

Classic Controller

The Wii Classic controller resembles the controller for the original Nintendo console. It has two analog sticks, a direction pad, and four buttons on the right side labeled A, B, X, and Y. This controller is only compatible with certain games, and the game box will indicate whether or not the controller is necessary. The Classic controller is not a motion sensitive controller, and it is used with arcade-style games.

How to Connect the Classic Controller to the Wii

The Classic controller does not need to be plugged into the console, but it is not entirely wireless. Connection of the Classic controller is simple. The end of the cord for the Classic controller is connected to the accessory port of the Wii Remote. Once the plug is snapped into place, it will be ready for use. It does not require its own batteries, but the Wii Remote will need to have power and be turned on in order for the Classic controller to work.

Classic Controller Pro

The Wii Classic Controller Pro is used for the same games as the Classic controller, but it is shaped a bit differently. Rather than mimicking the appearance of the original Nintendo controller, the Classic Controller Pro looks more like a GameCube controller. Like the Classic Controller, the Pro connects to the Wii Remote rather than the console.

Wii Balance Board

The Wii Balance Board is completely different than the other controllers mentioned thus far. The Balance Board is not handheld like the others. Instead it is shaped like a bathroom scale, and the player stands on top of the board to control it. The shift in weight is what controls the movement of the game on the screen. This is a wireless controller and uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with the console.

Games That Use the Wii Balance Board

The Wii Balance Board is a very specialized controller and cannot be used to control the Wii menu or a lot of games. The Balance Board only works with certain games. "Wii Fit" is the most common game that is used with the Wii Balance Board. The board is often available in a bundle package with the game, and the game cannot be played without the board. Other Wii games that use the Balance Board are "EA Sports Active" and "We Ski and Snowboard."

How to Connect the Balance Board to the Wii

Unlike the other wireless controllers, the Wii Balance Board will likely have to be synced to each individual game. The Balance Board cannot sync unless a compatible game disc is inserted into the console. Once the game disc is loaded, the front cover of the console and the battery panel on the underside of the board should be opened. The sync button on the board should be pressed until the LED light begins to blink. Then the sync button on the console should be pressed. Once the LED light on the board stops blinking, the synchronization is complete and the board is ready for use.

Using the Wii Balance Board

Once the Wii Balance Board has been synced, it is ready for use. The Wii Balance Board cannot be used for navigation through menus, so players should be sure to have a Wii Remote handy to perform these basic functions. The Balance Board should be placed between 3 and 10 feet away from the television, and there should be clear space around the board to prevent injury. The board should be placed on a flat surface that is not slick or sloped. When used on the carpet, the included foot extenders should be used to accurately record weight and movement. The game will instruct the player when to step onto the board and how to move to control the game.

Shopping for Wii Controllers

Wii Remotes and nunchuks are commonly packaged with Wii consoles. Other specialized controllers can sometimes be purchased in bundle packs with the games that they work with. Additionally, you can purchase each of the controllers, extensions, and accessories at video game stores and other department or electronics stores that carry Nintendo Wii consoles. When shopping online, people can find a large selection of Wii controllers and accessories on eBay.

Searching for eBay Controllers on eBay

You can find Wii controllers on eBay in the Electronics category. Within this category, navigate through Video Games. Consoles. and Accessories. Accessories. and Controllers and Attachments. Select Nintendo Wii as the platform to see all of the controllers, extensions, and accessories available for this console. You can sort and refine the listings on the page to show only those that are relevant to you. Additionally, you can use a basic or Advanced Search to search for the controller you are looking for directly.

In order to play games on the Wii console, players need to have a Wii controller. Several controllers are available for the Wii console, and each one has a different design and a different purpose. Some controllers are used for general purposes and are used with most games while other controllers are made for use with very specific games. Because each of the controllers is so different, it is important for players to know the purpose of each controller and how to use it. Since some games only work with specific controllers, it is important for players to be sure that they have the appropriate controller for the game. No matter what kind of controller a person is looking for, all types of Wii controllers are available on eBay.

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