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Call forward when busy

call forward when busy

“Why hasn’t he called?” This is the age-old question of women everywhere. That gut feeling that you get when a day or two goes by without hearing from your new guy may be interminable. There could be many reasons why he has not called you and understanding these reasons may give some relief to that insufferable nagging feeling that you may be experiencing.

There are many men who actually enjoy sending women into a frenzy over their phone calls. They want to play a game - it’s in their genes. Many men are afraid that if they call too soon they will appear desperate. They would rather wait for a few days and give you the impression that they actually have a life outside of your relationship. This may or may not be true but they will make you believe it just the same. This is a completely normal action and can occur over a few days. If it does go past just a couple days into a week then he may simply not be interested or could be so immature that he wants to take the game to a whole new level. Either way you are probably better off without him.

Actually if he stretches the call time past a week or so and then he suddenly calls you and asks for another date then he either enjoys playing women in general or he has other priorities that he considers more important and is simply using you as someone to fall back on in the event that his other priorities don’t pan out. This is also a warning sign of a married man. If you go out with someone who waits for a week to even a month before he calls again, and he does not offer a very credible (and verifiable) reason then you are probably better off finding someone else to spend your time with.

While these tips are excellent for

those with a new relationship or a first date crisis, if the man in question is your steady boyfriend then you have every right to expect a call from him at least once per day. He should at the very least have an extra five minutes to pick up the phone and say hello. If you are in a semi-serious to serious relationship with someone who goes days without so much as a ten-second phone call to let you know that he is thinking of you then you are most definitely better off without him.

Of course he can always say that he was busy at work but this excuse can’t always fly. There are many men who will use work as an excuse to spend more time with the boys or even to date other women. If he travels extensively with his job or is in a job where security is an issue such as law-enforcement then he may very well not be able to call you periodically. You should know what type of industry employs him. If he is not in the type of job that could potentially hinder his use of the telephone then he may simply not be as serious about the relationship as you are. Or, if you have just begun dating then he may not want to pursue a closer relationship. This is one of those times when you should use your intuition and your best judgment.

Ultimately men are not nearly as complicated as women tend to believe. They often do not give the mixed signals that we see. If he does not call you soon after a date then chances are that he is simply not interested and you should move on to someone who is.

I have been thinking for some time now to address the comments below. Finally, came around that and here are my thoughts >> What to Do When He Doesn’t Call

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