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How to tick boxes in word

how to tick boxes in word

It's usually quite difficult to prevent people from changing things in Word documents. One approach that people sometimes use for positioning pictures is to insert the image in a header/footer and then position it. That doesn't prevent users from moving it, but it makes it less likely that they will delete it accidentally. But then the image behaves like a watermark - you cannot specify wrapped text etc.

The only way I can think of that would also allow normal editing (well, almost normal) in the rest of the document would be as follows. I have never used it, so you would need to find out whether it prevents the user from doing things that they need to do (e.g. edit headers/footers and so on):

  • insert the picture and format it how you want. Make

    sure it is anchored to the first paragraph in the document, and lock the anchor (In the Picture Position->More layout options->Picture Position tab).

  • Insert one more paragraph
  • Format the first paragraph to be exactly 1pt high with no space above or below (i.e. reduce its height as much as you can)
  • Select the second paragraph
  • Using the Developer tab (which you may have to enable in order to do this), click Protect Document->Restrict formatting and editing.
  • Check "Allow only this type of editing in the document"
  • Select "No changes - Read Only"
  • In the "Exceptions" box, check "Everyone".
  • Click "Start Enforcing Protection", and assign passwords if you really don't want the user to change the picture position.

You will see that editing looks a little different from usual.

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