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How to tighten loose skin after weight loss

How To Tighten Skin - Frequently Asked Questions.

How much can I realistically tighten my skin?

The results you will get from an all natural skin tightening treatment as compared to plastic surgery is a lot less. Do not expect to take 25 years off with a mineral soak but expect to take 5 or even 10 years off the appearance and feel of your skin. This is the happy news! To tighten your skin to the max you can get surgery but once again we must say that we are strongly against any surgery that tightens the skin. Surgery bad, natural remedies good!

How Can I Prevent Future Wrinkles From Forming?

Over time a persons skin becomes more and more damaged, wrinkled and dried. The ageing of skin can be greatly slowed however. Before we even consider the reversing of wrinkles we need to acknowledge that the active

prevention of skin ageing is the most effective means to have healthy looking skin. The point here is that prevention is key to the preservation of the epidermis. Stay out of the sun! This is the most crucial aspect of skin care and wrinkle prevention. The suns rays carry harmful radiation and damage the cells on a molecular level, this damage is irreversible and can even cause melanoma. If you must be exposed to the sun use an spf 60 sun tan lotion.

What I need more help, is there someone I can contact?

If you have any questions of comments of how to tighten skin you can email us at If you are struggling with loose or sagging skin we may be able to help you or to recommend treatments. Please don't be shy because when it comes to tightening skin we'd like to think we know what we are doing.

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