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How to Create a Cent Sign in Word

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You can insert various symbols in Microsoft Word, including cent signs. Inserting a dollar sign -- by holding Shift and pressing 4 -- is a simple task, but to insert a cent symbol, you must use Word's Symbol tool. You can also assign a shortcut key to the sign so that you can easily insert it into all your documents.

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Alternatively, you can use the Character Map utility in Windows to insert the cent character or copy it from the Web and paste it into the document. To use the

Character Map utility, press Windows-S to display the Search charm, type Character Map and click the Character Map app. Check the Advanced View box, type Cent into the Search For box and click Search to find the cent symbol. Select the symbol, click Select and then click Copy to copy it to the clipboard. To paste it in the document, press Ctrl-V. To copy the cent sign from the Web, use Google to find it -- you can search for cent sign -- select it, and press Ctrl-C to copy it to the clipboard. Paste the symbol in Word by pressing Ctrl-V .

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