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How to type forward slash

how to type forward slash

How to use div -ids in url to jump to specific post. Is trailing slash the culprit?

Some links on my site take the user to a specific post in context on a category page.

On non-WP sites, this is easily accomplished by including #example-div-id in the url like this:

But in a WP environment, this url isn't working :

This (incorrectly) jumps the browser window to the end of the page.

But this does work. manually removing the trailing slash after page load and reloading the page. The browser window jumps to the appropriate div, or post. .

Does anyone know why this is? Or how to get WP to eliminate the trailing slash? Is it safe to eliminate the trailing slash?


I tried using EAMann's solution below, implementing pretty permalinks to facilitate the anchor jump. The results achieved completely break my post order and exclusion of child categories. My navigation is category based. I don't use pages, but use category names in the navigation. Each 'page' is really a category archive showing posts from the category. What I've read about permalinks starting with %category% leads me to avoiding permalinks all together. I certainly don't want to start the permalink with the year or post id either. It doesn't make sense on my site. looks more professional

and "normal" than when the intended illusion is that the category names are really pages on this business site.

So I'd appreciate any other explanations why the anchor jumping isn't working.

Update #2

(in response to EAMann's comment directly on the OP) My site is a business website that for the most part displays static content. A few areas have featured portfolio work and there is blog section. The site uses a category based navigation. All the site content is written as posts. Each post is associated with a category that determines where the post is displayed. The site navigation menu is created with wp_list_categories(). Clicking on a category opens a category archive that presents all the posts from the category.

I'm currently using the default permalink structure. shows a category page.

Update #3

After more investigation, it appears that the jQuery plugin "innerfade" that I'm using to display a slideshow at the top of the page is the culprit. It has nothing to do with the trailing slash. Sorry to go down the wrong path.

If I comment out the php that includes the plugin js file, and the anchor jump works just fine. I would guess that some javascript manipulation of the page content is screwing up the jump. I've worked around the problem using $(window).scrollTo(); .

I appreciate everyone's time.

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