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How to Change a Chain on a McCulloch Chainsaw

Established in Wisconsin in 1943, McCulloch revolutionized the chainsaw industry by creating a light, one-man chainsaw. McCulloch chainsaws remain popular and users need to sharpen their chains after every one or two hours of use. At some point, the chains begin to deteriorate, meaning that they require full replacements. Before changing the chain on a McCulloch chainsaw, make sure to purchase the correct replacement part. Then, installing the new chain is a quick and easy process.

Learn About McCulloch Chainsaws

McCulloch offers a range of chainsaw products, from affordable models to powerful, high-end tools for the toughest jobs. The brand's chainsaws have features including a high chain speed, which allows for smooth, fast cutting. Some models offer chain assembly and tensioning that require no tools, making it possible to change the chain with no fuss. However, most models require a socket wrench and screwdriver in order to replace the chain.

Purchase the Correct Chain

Check the existing chain before purchasing a new item. Typically measured in inches from the base to the nose of the chainsaw bar. it is easy to verify the right length of chain. To double check, count the drive links, which are the parts of the chain that slot into the bar. The replacement chain should have the same number of drive links. This number often appears on the front of the product packaging.

Observe Safety Precautions

Undo the Clutch Cover

Remove the scabbard, or cover, from the bar of the chainsaw. Use a socket wrench to undo the nuts that hold down the clutch cover, which is close to the base of the bar. Depending on the model of McCulloch chainsaw, there are one or two bolts. Pull away the clutch cover.

Remove the Chain

Push the bar

in, which releases any tension. This causes the chainsaw chain to become loose, making it easy to remove. Lift the chain away from the bar. Slide the bar off the guide bolts that hold it onto the tool and remove the chain completely. Take the opportunity to clean the area with an old cloth, removing any debris and dirt, and check for any damage.

Install the Replacement Chain

Slide the bar back onto the guide bolts and push it backward. Hold the chain up and check the direction of the cutters; the sharp edges of each chain link should point toward the nose of the bar. Hook the chain over and behind the clutch retainer at the base of the bar, making sure the links fit into the sprocket. Feed the drive links into the groove along the top of the bar. Now pull the bar out a little to tension the chain.

Adjust the Chain Tension

Adjust the chain tension pin so that it lines up with the pinhole in the bar, otherwise it is impossible to replace the clutch cover. Place the clutch cover back into position and finger-tighten the nuts. Turn the adjusting chain tension pin clockwise to increase the tension in the chain so that it is not loose on the underside of the bar. Check that the chain moves easily around the bar, pulling it backward and forward a few times.

Finish Assembling the Chainsaw

Raise the bar slightly and hold it in place while tightening the nuts on the clutch cover using a socket wrench. With every use of the chainsaw, check the tension of the chain. A loose chain can disengage from the bar, while an overly tight chain causes excessive wear.

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