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How to use a platform balance

how to use a platform balance

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featuring the JOYRIDER Project

JoyRider with CH Flightstick Pro, Throttle and Rudder Pedals Installed

If you want to experience true virtual flight then you need motion. The following how-to articles represent my efforts into perfecting the least expensive, easiest to build, most versatile motion simulator for home use.

The JoyRider is a two axis center stick flight motion simulator you can build without the use of expensive hardware. It's VERY fast, and SMOOTH and best of all it can be affordably constructed from readily available supplies with simple hand tools.

The "JOYRIDER"s design specs include;

* REAL FEEL responsiveness and balance

* Maximum motion range (positive G's only for now)

* Progressive stick resistance and stability

* Simple low-tech mechanical control activation

* Smooth ball-bearing suspension

* Full motion range, figure "8" stick stir - 2 SECONDS

* 24 degrees (12+12) of pitch and roll range

* Hands off stability with one finger sensitivity

With your favorite flight sim program loaded, the lights out under the hood, and the sound system cranked up, total immersion occurs. The stick input induced inertia fools your inner ear into thinking that you are continuing to move in the direction you started even though you really don't. Instrument pilots know the feeling. What they see on their artificial horizon is not necessarily what they feel in their head. They have to trust their instruments or risk spinning in from following possible false sensations. These same false sensations allow you to now "feel" everything from snap rolls to loops to any other flight maneuver you can think of!

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