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How to use a torsion balance pharmacy

how to use a torsion balance pharmacy

The Sartorius GD503 has been discontinued and no longer in production as of May 2013. The Sartorius GD503 was phased-out and at this time there is no direct replacement under the Sartorius brand. Many pharmacies have purchased the AND FX-200iN or FX-300iN as an alternative, although these models are only 3 decimal places. We have no remaining stock on the GD503 and all information displayed herein is for archival and support purposes only.

Are you ready when the State Board of Pharmacy comes to make their unannounced visit to your pharmacy store to see you have a Legal for Trade scale? Pharmacies looking for a digital pharmacy balance easy to use, small footprint to save on counter space, draftshield to minimize air disturbances, high readability to lessen the need to aliquot, fast weighing results to save time, comply with the pharmacopeia requirements for a pharmacy balance and meets Handbook 44 - The Sartorius GD503 is here to fill these requirements.

Sartorius introduced the world's first pharmaceutical balance in 1871. Sartorius is a global balance manufacturer producing some of the highest quality balances in the world. Only Sartorius shatters the limits when "the Guinness Book of World Records" listed the Sartorius Model 4108 as the most accurate balance in the world.

Okay so others will tell you their balance is the best, but just the name Sartorius sells itself. Now let's look at the balance - Sartorius GD503. The balance is a Legal for Trade. NTEP Approved Class II balance and can be used for Prescription Weighing. The GD503 balance can NOT be used for pill counting.

The GD503 is not a pill counting scale nor does it connect to a scanner to reads the NDC bar code on Rx label. There were issues the FDA

investigated regarding digital scales for count pills. Review this petition to the to the FDA brought James O. Maloy about pill counting scales at James Maloy also works at Fulcrum Inc and they manufacturer the Torbal Balance mechanical balance.

Retail druggists who compound prescriptions like hydrocortisone, hormone therapies or veterinary medicines need a precision weighing balance. The GD503 when set in the Legal for Trade mode offers 100 gram weighing capacity and readability to 0.0001 grams (Yes 4 decimal places!!). The verification unit (e) is to 0.001 grams. Yes, the Sartorius GD503 is 10 times more accurate than the DRX-4 by Fulcrum Inc.

For many pharmacies the GD503 is that needed trophy on the shelf gathering dust to be in compliance with their pharmacy license even though they never compound. The GD503 is one of the most accurate Legal for Trade balances on the market that can be used for compounding and the requirements for pharmacy license requiring a Class A balance. The Sartorius GD503 is one of the few balances made in America.

Capital Equipment Buyers for pharmacy chain stores of 100 or more store call us for special pricing. Target and Walmart seem to be opening new pharmacy departments and the GD503 just might be the economical solution over competitor brands. Walgreen maybe could save money using the GD503 for those locations filling less than 200 prescriptions a day verses the costly semi-automated systems that typically require installation services.

We also offer College of Pharmacy that are members of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy special educational discounts. We know today's pharmacy students are tomorrow's pharmacy equipment buyers and Precision Weighing Balances wants these students to experience in our opinion the very best balances - SARTORIUS.

Sartorius Pharmacy Balance GD503

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