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Entering Data

When you start up SPSS, the first thing you see is the spreadsheet. It looks like this:

You use the spreadsheet to enter your data. (You can also use Excel, and then cut and paste that spreadsheet into this one. Either way.)

On the IBM, you right-click on buttons labeled "var" to give the variable a name. (I don't know what you do on a MAC since there is only one button.) The variables I'm using in this example are:
  • wtbyht --- person's weight divided by their height
  • verbal --- verbal SAT score
  • math --- math SAT score
  • soc_sat --- satisfaction with their social life on a 1 to 3 scale (3 is more)
  • acad_sat --- satisfaction with their academic performance to date on 1 to 3 scale (3 is


After entering the data, your screen should like something like this:

Note the "." in two cells of row 8. These are missing values (the respondent didn't answer those two questions).

Means and Standard Deviations

Now suppose I want to calculate the means and standard deviations of the variables. I go to "Statistics" in the menu, then choose "Summarize", then choose "Descriptives" as follows:

This brings up a dialog box which lists all your variables on the left side. You highlight the ones you want, then press the button in the middle of the screen to move the variables over to the right side:

Then press OK to run the program:

The result is the following table:

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