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President Obama To Explain How Great The Iran Nuclear Deal - Live Press Conference

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As everyone knows by now, a nuclear 'deal' between Iran and the P5+1 (US, France, China, Germany, UK, Russia) was announced earlier this week. Under this agreement, Iran promises to limit its nuclear program in return for various international sanctions to be lifted . Republicans are not happy with the deal (Boehner: "Obama's deal will only embolden Iran" ); Israel's PM Netanyahu warned it was "a stunning historical mistake," but we are sure President Obama will put everyone straight as he heads into the next 60 days of Congressional wrangling.

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You don't really know the history of the region do you? Why am I asking its quite clear you don't. Well let me give you a little history lesson based on FACTS not your biased Jews suck view of the world.

Palestine was never an Arab entity and never belonged to the Arabs. The Jews of Israel did not steal the land from the Arabs. At the time of

the rise of Zionism the Arab population in Palestine was 250,000 of whom the great majority were newcomers. What is more very few were land owners. They were debt-ridden peasants, nomads and Bedouins. Turkey owned 72% of the land. Sovereignty over the land was transferred to England and ownership passed to Israel, under international law, in 1948. 8.6% of the land was owned privately by Jews, 3.3% by Arabs who lived in Israel and 16.5% by Arabs who had left the land many years before.

The UN Partition Resolution offered the Arabs LIVING IN PALESTINE a state alongside the Jewish state. The Arabs of Palestine – and the surrounding countries – REJECTED the UN offer. Instead, on 14 May, 1948, five Arab nations invaded with the intention of destroying the Jewish state. In other words, it was the Palestinians and five Arab countries that tried, by destroying the Jewish state, to steal the land from the Jews.

Now who's the victim here?

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