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How do ticket brokers get tickets

how do ticket brokers get tickets

Just because you received a traffic ticket does not mean you're automatically guilty.

Did you know that over half of all traffic tickets and speeding tickets contested either result in a reduced fine, found not guilty or the case is dismissed? It's true! Theodds are in your favor if you fight. PayNoFine's how-to guide is your ticket to understanding how the system works and toget your speeding ticket, traffic ticket or other traffic citation dismissed .

Remember, the American justice system is predicated on the belief that you are innocent until proven guilty. But if you're not convinced, consider these reasons:

• If you fight your ticket & win, you get your money back. With traffic fines reaching a few hundred dollars in some parts of the country, a traffic ticket can be expensive. Should you decide to fight your traffic or speeding ticket and your case is dismissed or found not guilty, then you can expect to receive a refund check from the court.

• Guaranteed Constitutional Rights. By pleading not guilty, you have certain rights such as a right to a speedy trial, ability to confront and cross examine witnesses. Under a certain set of circumstances, your constitutional rights can help get your case dismissed.

• Legal Requirement. In order for a local or county government to operate certain types of speed enforcement equipment, they must meet certain federal requirements. Force the government to prove they comply with the traffic law.

• What's next. Photo radar on the freeways? Sad to say, only 3% of drivers who receive a traffic citation actually contest their ticket. It won't

take long for the greedy politicians to consider raising traffic fines if drivers simply pay up without a fight.

No need to surf the internet for hours wasting valuable time. We've done all the research for you.

Over 20 key resources were used, including police officers, attorneys, judges and experts in the fields of radar/laser speed detection, to give you the most up-to-date information available on the internet. Even better, we provide a series of proper questions to ask the officer based on the type of ticket and the set of circumstances with your particular case.

We discuss the most common traffic offenses includingspeeding ticket ,radar speeding ticket ,laser ,pacing ,visual estimate ,airplane ,illegal U-turn. andrunning a red light. Regardless of your situation, you're sure to find the information you need to win your traffic court case.

You CAN defend your traffic ticket court case.

Let's face it, going to traffic court is a pain. No one wants to waste their time at a place which makes you feel like you have no chance of winning. That is EXACTLY what the court wants you to think: it's far easier to pay the fine or take traffic school than fight your ticket. In reality, they've set up the system, not for justice but for revenue, otherwise why would they make it so convenient to pay up?

Unfortunately, most drivers are completely unaware of their rights when they attend traffic court. That's why most unprepared drivers are quickly found guilty. Don't let this happen to you!

7 Common Traffic Ticket Myths which are Guaranteed NOT to Work for You in Traffic Court

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