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How to use laxatives for weight loss

how to use laxatives for weight loss


Goals and Results

Set a weight loss goal and see how and when you'll lose weight. Keep a weight loss chart of your progress.


Keep a calorie counted food diary, use your nutrition profile to make sure you maintain a healthy diet during your weight loss. Calorie count your favourite recipes.


Keep an online exercise diary and exercise plan. Access the Weight Loss Resources database to see how many calories you'll burn!


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Weight Loss and Diet Essentials

Weight Loss that Works

The weight loss industry is full of weird tricks and empty promises, Weight Loss Resources gets real with evidence based help for losing weight

Online Weight Loss Comparison Chart

We compare online weight loss and diet programmes: features, cost and service. Take a look to see what could be best for you

Online Food Diaries Double Weight Loss Success

Research shows you are twice as likely to lose weight successfully if you keep a food diary. Here's what you can do in the WLR food diary .

The Slim habits Challenge

A 12 week supported programme, customised to focus on the habit changes that will help you the most Find out more .

The Mediterranean Diet

Even more research is showing that the Mediterranean diet has major health benefits. So we've created a new calorie counted Mediterranean diet plan so you can get all the taste and still drop the pounds.

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