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How to use ph indicator paper

how to use ph indicator paper

Temperature and Humidity: Conditioning of Paper As explained above it is important to control the moisture content of paper and keep it stable during converting operation. To keep moisture content constant, it is important that paper is conditioned. Conditioning of paper is also of important in many printing and converting operations. In addition to the effect of moisture content on physical properties, it also determines the build up of static of the paper sheet subjected to pressure and to friction. The tendency for paper to develop static becomes greater with increasing dryness. Cellulose fibers are hygroscopic i.e. they are capable of absorbing water from the surrounding atmosphere. The amount of absorbed water depends on the humidity and the temperature of the air in contact with the paper. Hence, changes in temperature and humidity, even slight changes, can often affect the test results. So, it is necessary to maintain standard conditions of humidity and temperature for conditioning. Wire side and Felt side Also referred as wire side and top side. The side which is in contact with the paper machine wire during manufacturing is called the wire side. The other side is top side. Before a thin

layer of fibers deposit on machine wire, fines and fillers drain out hence wire side has less fines and fillers compared to top side. Certain properties such as smoothness, texture and ink absorbency differ between wire and felt side and it is customary to measure these properties on both sides. This difference of properties on two sides of paper is known as two-sidedness. Highly filled or loaded or paper made from short fiber pulp will show higher two-sidedness. In case of paper to be printed on one side only, best results are obtained by printing on felt side. Postage stamps are printed on wire side and then gummed on felt side, where the smoothness is helpful for attaining an even application. Wire side and top side described above are in reference to single ply paper. In case of multi-ply paper/board, every ply will have wire side and top side. The top side of topmost layer will be top side and wire side of bottommost layer is wire side of multi-ply board. Different type of fibers, fillers and chemicals are used in different layers for techno-economical reasons. The standards procedure is described in TAPPI T 455

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