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How to use triple beam balance

how to use triple beam balance

Ian Keith

Teaching Experience

I taught Math my first year and have been teaching 7th Grade Life Science for 13 years. I absolutely love it! The California 7th Grade Science curriculum is my favorite! I am also the ASB advisor and the Tech Coordinator. I have attended many conferences and workshops with the intention of looking for better and more interesting lessons. I have completed two years of character education training and was a coach/mentor for the teachers at my school that were going through their first year of character education training. I am working in becoming a Google Certified Teacher.

My Teaching Style

I like to do direct instruction at first and then let the students explore on their own. Sometimes I switch and let the students try to figure

stuff out first then I go back and fill in the blanks, if any! I am comfortable with a loud class as long as the noise stems from cooperative group work and collaboration.

I don't have any official awards but I always have a line out the door during Open House. My reward is having my students come back and tell me how much my class has helped them in High School. )

I received my BS in Biology at UNR (University of Nevada - Reno) and I received my Teaching Credential at CSUF (Cal State Univ - Fullerton)

I originally wanted to be a veterinarian but found out through tutoring Biology and Chemistry at UNR that I really enjoyed working with the other students instead. Teaching is definitely my calling!!

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