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How to Wear a Statement Necklace

how to wear a statement necklace


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Jewellery is a vital part of fashion, as well as outfits in general. Jewellery is used enhance outfits, in either a subtle or obvious way. Some outfits are built around a single piece of jewellery, as is the case with statement necklaces. These necklaces are large and grab attention, and typically are the main focus of an outfit. Because they are so large and bold, statement necklaces can, if worn incorrectly, make the outfit look gaudy. To avoid this, one should know how to wear a statement necklace in a way that is fashionable and tasteful.

It is important for one to know about the different types of statement necklaces, as well as what outfits they can be worn with. The shopper should be able to wear a statement necklace in such a way that it does not clash awkwardly with the neckline of her shirt, for example, or with the pattern of her shirt. To buy statement necklaces, the shopper would do well to turn to eBay. which has many products available that one can buy safely and for a reasonable price.

Types of Statement Necklaces

While every statement necklace is unique, there are some main categories that the user should know when considering how to wear a statement necklace. Many types involve chains of some sort. Multi-chain necklaces, for example, though somewhat self-explanatory, involve multiple chains of varying lengths, creating a layering effect. Additionally, there are necklaces that are composed of chains, but are wound or twisted together into one fat roll. These are usually referred to as 'chunky necklaces'. Then there are statement necklaces that include larger pieces, including discs, stones, and the like. These necklaces can have motifs or themes, including floral motifs, animals. hearts. or peace signs. Also popular is the fringe necklace, which is usually a series of chains or thin pieces of metal that form a fringe.

How to Wear Statement Necklaces

As the users wear different outfits depending on the formality and location of events, so jewellery must change with different settings. Since statement necklaces are so large and often bulky in design, it is important for the user to know how to wear them with different tops. Additionally, some types of necklaces are more suited for certain occasions and environments than others.

Casual/At Home Outfits, Everyday Outfits

Even if the user is only relaxing at home, dressed very casually, she can still incorporate a statement necklace into a comfortable, casual outfit. Since one does not generally wear jewellery with extremely casual clothes such as sweatpants and sweatshirts, the user's 'at home' outfit that includes a statement necklace should include at least jeans and a t-shirt. An everyday outfit is one that the shopper would wear out of the house: something that is flattering and appealing, but not fancy in any way. An everyday outfit is essentially the same as a casual or at-home outfit to most users. The only difference is an everyday outfit is more suitable for receiving guests, and some users may have differing standards as to what one should wear when receiving guests.

An everyday outfit can include jeans or other casual pants (like khaki, corduroy, or cargo pants) or a casual skirt paired with a shirt, sweater, or blouse. For either one, there are several ways to wear a statement necklace with shirts, sweaters, and blouses. For 'normal' shirts with high necklines, tee shirts or otherwise, a statement necklace can be worn simply as it is, without any additional considerations on the user's part. If one is wearing a collared shirt, it is typical for the necklace to lie outside the collar. This is also true for turtlenecks. For shirts that show bare skin, one can use the statement necklace to emphasise her neck and chest.

For the best possible look, the user should make sure that where the necklace ends is symmetrical with the neckline; that is, if the user is wearing a shirt that bares skin, she should take pains to have the necklace lie either entirely above or entirely below the neckline, or at least have the majority of the necklace above or below the neckline. Any type of necklace is acceptable for casual or at-home outfits.

Business Casual

A 'business casual' outfit is one that is appropriate work attire, but falls in between fancy dress and everyday wear. For women, a typical business casual outfit would be a dress (with a hem that falls at least to the knees)

or a skirt (also with a knee-length hem), paired with a nice sweater, blazer, blouse, or dress shirt. As with statement necklaces worn with blouses in casual and everyday outfits, a popular way to wear a statement necklace is by layering it outside a collared shirt, with the top one or two buttons open. This look works with either a long-chained statement necklace or a short-chained one. Although statement necklaces by nature are large, for a business environment it is recommended that the user choose a slightly smaller, more subtle piece to suit the setting.

Evening Outfits

An evening outfit varies depending on the event. If one is attending a party or planning to spend a night out with friends, then an evening outfit will typically consist of a chic dress or a skirt and an appropriate evening top. Both the skirt and dress are usually of a shorter length, and are almost always above the knee, and even hit the mid-thigh. But if the user is going to a more formal evening occasion, such as a concert or a dinner party, then the shortest acceptable length for the skirt or dress is an inch or two above the knee. In any case, a statement necklace is an ideal addition for evening outfits, especially when paired with little black dresses. With these dresses, the statement necklaces make an outfit more interesting, especially if said outfit is one solid colour and lacks decoration. Since statement necklaces are usually large pieces, the neckline of the dress must be either a crew neckline (which means it rests just below the collarbone) or low-cut enough so that at least 90 per cent of the necklace is lying against bare skin. In this way, neither the necklace nor the neckline is awkwardly cut off by the other. If the user chooses to wear a skirt as part of her evening outfit, then she should choose a top that does not clash with the necklace, one with a neckline that works with the necklace. As with business settings, the wearer should not choose a particularly loud or gaudy necklace for a formal occasion. When wearing a formal dress, one should choose a more compact and subtle statement necklace, such as one that contains one or several small gemstones, or one comprised of chains.

How to Buy a Statement Necklace on eBay

When buying a statement necklace, you should purchase one that fits your personality exactly. By looking on eBay, it is easy to find the exact necklace you are looking for by using the search specifications. This helps narrow down search results to present you with the products that are closest to what you want. eBay includes thousands of sellers providing millions of products, ensuring that you find a necklace that fits your wardrobe and your budget.

eBay also provides a way for shoppers to be assured that they are buying from trustworthy sellers by providing the 'Top-Rated Seller' badge. This badge is given to sellers who consistently receive positive reviews and sell a certain amount of merchandise per month and per year. To start buying from eBay, you must first go to the eBay home page. The next step is to type in a phrase that contains keywords that will bring you the results you want; for example, 'statement necklace '. From there, you can narrow down the results that appear by limiting the results by brand, colour, material, metal. and more. On eBay, there are many different types of necklaces available, made of different materials and in various styles, for reasonable prices.


There are many types of statement necklaces, including motif statement necklaces, chain, and more. With such a set of choices, the user will always find a necklace that is ideal for any occasion or outfit, in any environment. Owning a statement necklace allows the wearer not only to show off the attractive jewellery; it also showcases her neck and skin. Statement necklaces are useful for everyday outfits, but also are ideal for fun evening outfits, especially for nightclub scenes. By knowing the different types of statement necklaces and how to pair them with outfits, the user can wear a statement necklace with confidence.

eBay has thousands of necklaces available in many different sorts of metals, themes, and general styles, so the user is sure to find one that suits her. A good statement necklace, especially one made out of durable materials, will last the shopper many years as a vital and favourite part of her wardrobe.

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