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"Instantly receive the secret that has easily helped thousands of women (including me) get their ex-boyfriends back!"

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D ear Broken Hearted Girlfriend,

Hello. We are Glass Slipper Publications, but we're also better known as the Breakup Gurus. Odds are if you've been heartbroken before, or have done any searches online to help you with your relationship or breakup, you've ran into us or have read some of our articles. Here's a little bit more about us.

Our company's founder started learning about the grief experienced with losing a loved one when a man she was very much in love with died. Years later she went through another great loss when, while in another relationship, she went through a very traumatic relationship breakup herself.

She wanted to understand what was behind the tragic grief she was experiencing. After rationalizing - and analyzing - and investigating - and delving inward. she began to understand and see breakups for what they really were. She knew breakups inside and out! She then took her expertise and was signed on as a Community Leader and Breakup Advisor on the relationship breakup boards at iVillage.

Not soon after, she started her own breaking up grief site, which later turned into the Glass Slipper Publishing. The network now has the largest private break up support forum on the web, with over 4000 members and 38 ebooks on relationships, relationship issues, relationship problems, relationship recovery, attraction, abuse, and self-help.

If you are like 98% of the women who have lost the love of their life, their boyfriend, you've probably suffered from extreme depression, or even worse, MAJOR REMORSE! You've most likely have tried everything in your power to win your exboyfriend back. Everything but the right thing - or you wouldn't be reading this page right now.

No doubt you've read all the latest articles on

breakups and ex boyfriends, or discussed it with your family and friends.

Of course they offer some nuggets of good information but are they getting you any closer to reuniting with your exboyfriend? Ask yourself if these articles are helping you achieving your goal of getting back together, or are they just rehashing the same ol' same lame advice. i.e, "you'll get over him in time "?

"Have You Done Everything

But the 'Right' Thing in Your Efforts to WIN

Your Ex Boyfriend Back?"

Getting back to our founder. Keeping up with her research she had came to a real understanding of the pain of breakups, how to cure that pain, and how to approach an ex boyfriend without causing further damage in the relationship. She actually wrote her first book on the subject way back decades ago.

We mean W-A-A-A-Y back :)

Having an uncanny ability to decipher human nature she soon became an expert on people and what makes them behave in certain ways both in and out of relationships.

This became a new report on how to 'stop' the ending of a broken relationship and 'reverse' a breakup.

Since then she has written on men with commitment phobia (and the women who love them!), abuse, attraction, narcissistic boyfriends, and infidelity. Living through it all herself has helped her to get even more valuable lessons and insights.

She was once quoted as saying, "If God didn't want me to help others heal, then He sure wasted a lot of life's lessons on me!"

Most Women Make Common - Yet Major -

Mistakes When Trying to STOP Their

Breakup, or Win Their Ex-Boyfriend Back - Simply

Because They Don't Know the Secret Ingredients

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