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How to wire an indicator light

how to wire an indicator light

HOW TO: Install HealTech GIPro-X Gear Indicator

HealTech Electronics. makers of the SpeedoHealer, now has the GIPro-X gear indicator. This is a relatively small unit for easy positioning and is easy to read. The install is fairly simple as it plugs into your harness and you need to tap into two wires.

NOTE: There have been a few different revisions on this product so it may be slightly different depending on the version you have. I will cover the two variations that I know of.

This How-To was written by installing on a 2007 R1. Be sure to consult your service manual's wiring diagram to ensure you are connecting to the correct wires.

In order to install the GIPro-X, you'll need to remove the tank and the seat on your bike. I like to be safe, and prefer to disconnect the battery as well. Also, when working with electrical plugs/connections, I like to put a little bit of dielectric grease in there to help prevent corrosion.

The GIPro-X harness plugs into the speed sensor coupler. This is a black and white connection as shown below:

With the harness plugged in:

Next, you'll want to find a switched power source. This is a power source that is only on with the ignition turned on. I opted to connected to the red/white wire shown below. This is the power feed to the starter solenoid. But, you can connect it elsewhere such as a light source wire.:

Here is where it may depend upon what revision you have on the GIPro-X indicator:

On most of the GIPro-X units, you should be able to tap into the crankshaft sensor wire. This is the dark gray wire on the neutral coloured two wire connector. There is also a light gray, or off white, coloured wire which runs along side it. Be certain you tap into the dark gray wire as shown in this photo:

If you have an early release model,

there will be no version numbers on the packaging and you will most likely need to tap into a different wire than mentioned above. If this is the case, you'll need to tap into the yellow/black tachometer wire which goes into the computer. The wire is indicated in the picture below. Be careful to make sure you have the correct wire as there is another yellow/black wire two positions over.

From here, route the harness on the left side of the frame along with the other wires. Be careful to ensure it won't get snagged by anything, including the shift linkage. I'll most likely install it on the left side of the instrument cluster as shown.

Now that you have the GIPro-X gear indicator installed, it needs to learn the gear positions. This will only take a couple of minutes and is best performed while on a rear stand for safety reasons.

When you turn the ignition on, you should see the gear indicator countdown from 6 to 1 and then change to an "L" and flash slowly. Start the bike up, with your foot on the rear brake and with it in neutral. You should see the "L" flashing more rapidly. It should then change to a "1" at which point you will shift into first gear and let the clutch out. Bring the bike to about 3,000 rpm and it will start to learn. It will do the same for 2nd through 6th gear.

Note: If on startup, you see an "E" flashing, step on the rear brake to stop the wheel from turning. This will most likely cure the error and allow you to continue the learning process.

If you ever need to relearn the gear positions, cycle the key five times. On the sixth time, you will see a "C". Turn the key off briefly and start the bike to begin the relearn process.

There you have it. A nice, relatively simple to install product for your R1.

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