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How to write a bid

how to write a bid

Creating a Cleaning Proposal can seem overwhelming if you have never seen one before. Structurally a proposal package is easy. The time involved to put together the perfect packet to represent your company can be a process that spans over the course of your years of operation as new qualifications, services, certifications and programs are added.

First to clarify the difference between cleaning bids and cleaning proposals.

A cleaning bid is a bid sheet or a simple form giving your price. Often times a short contract will be printed with the bid price.

A cleaning proposal is a nicely presented packet of information about your company, your services, qualifications and then the included bid price for cleaning or maintenance services.

How large or how many pages should my cleaning proposal have?

There is no set standard for proposal packages as each company has their own individual style and many cleaning businesses don't present proposal packets at all.

A basic cleaning proposal would be composed of the following items:

Cover Page

Information about your company, services, certifications, etc.

Insurance Certificate

Optionally you may include a list of references

Your Service Agreement

Outline of Cleaning Specifications for this Client

Cleaning Bid Sheet (Pricing)

Many large accounts or government cleaning accounts will require a copy of your documented Quality Control Plan.

An only occasionally will a client ask for a copy of your Hazard Communication Plan but even though it's

a good thing to have established.

And the single most important item - a copy of your business card!

Optional Items That Can Be Included In Your Cleaning Proposal Packages:

Your Training and/or Staff Recruiting Program

Time tracking or time keeping policies

Supervision policies

Chemical or equipment lines used for cleaning

Your most recent company newsletter

The list goes on and on.

Some of the Monster cleaning companies have equally Monster proposals and contracts. So what is the right size?

You should have at least seven pages. Anywhere up to around 30 is fine.

So if it's 15 pages how do I present it? What do I put it in?

Many contractors use pocket folders but for larger commercial cleaning proposals we would recommend using a 3 ring binder or purchasing a machine that allows you to bind your own booklets.

For most companies the Proposal Package is continually in 'the works' as new services, photos and certifications present themselves in your cleaning business operations. If you are looking for an excellent and affordable base packet to start with offers a Microsoft Word Proposal template packet for $40 that includes two sets of cleaning specs, color photos and more. Follow link for more information.

Ultimately your cleaning services proposal package should introduce the client to your company and give them a good feeling about the level of professionalism they will experience when they hire you.

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