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Editorial guidelines for IEEE Transactions, Journals, and Letters.

A catalog of IEEE's titles, including historic publications, along with their official reference abbreviations, and acronyms.

Authors are encouraged to select keywords from this list. It comprises the first three hierarchical "levels" under each term-family (or branch) that is formed from the top-most terms of the IEEE Thesaurus. If you cannot find appropriate terms, you may add your own.

  • Article Templates Includes templates and instructions on how to prepare your papers for publication in IEEE Transactions and Journals.
  • Templates for Computer Society Journals These templates for Computer Society Journals are meant to aid you in preparing

    a draft of your manuscript.

  • Refine the Use of English in Your Manuscript A professional editing service available to authors for a fee.
  • Reference Preparation Assistant Upload your reference draft file to validate your references against both the IEEE Xplore  and CrossRef  databases to ensure successful online linking.
  • IEEE PDF Checker Upload your draft PDF to check it against the latest IEEE Xplore journal requirements, and generate an Xplore -compliant version of your paper.

    Use these specifications to make your abstract self-contained and well abbreviated.

    Use this for font styles used when rendering Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other language characters in the final publication. 

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